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Welcome to Brick Mechs!  If you ever wanted to know what your favorite Battletech mechs would look like constructed with only LEGO bricks, you’ve come to the right place.  We feature Battletech mechs and only mechs.  No mecha, no cars, no houses, no trains.

If you want to know what the best tactics are for attacking a Marauder with a Locust, well pardner, you might try looking elsewhere.  In depth discussions of mech characteristics are beyond the scope of this site, and certainly beyond my knowledge base.  I make no claim to any expertise on anything Battletech related, which is a whole universe into itself.  I realize already that the Battletech world is way too vast and expansive for me to try to get a handle on.   In reality, even though this site is devoted exclusively to Battletech mechs, it is less about the mechs themselves (and all the arcane technical data associated with them), and more intended as a tribute to Brick Commander and the humble LEGO brick, the greatest toy ever invented.  Building mechs is only a means of expressing my fondness for LEGO bricks, and all the creative possibilities which they can stoke.

Please keep the above in mind if you are a hardcore Battletech enthusiast.  I will sometimes write technical introductions to the various mech models featured here.  This is only for background purposes, and not as a demonstration of my expertise (which is admittedly nonexistent), so don’t send me any email flames or comments about how I got this or that fact wrong, thereby damaging the honor of your clan.  If you do, I will probably ignore it, and laugh to myself about how some people can get worked up about nothing.

Another caveat:  LEGO, Battletech, Bionicle, Technic, and Mechwarrior are trademarks and brandnames which belong to their respective owners, whoever they may be.  Since this is site for entertainment purposes only, I’m not going to take the time to figure who owns what.

Mostly, I hope that you’ll enjoy the photographs, the heart of this site.  Mechs are supposed to be advanced weapons of war, and their appearance should inspire a mixture of fear, awe, and respect.  My goal is to depict them as such.  That is why you’ll never see any photographs of a mech taken on my carpet, or on a bookshelf standing next to my pet hamster.   As much as possible, I want to convey a mech’s most impressive qualities.  Further, I want to show what is now possible with LEGO bricks.   I spend a lot of time on the photographs, so please respect my efforts by not using them for any purpose unless with my expressed permission.

How It All Began

When my son Luke was four years old, he received some LEGO car sets for his birthday.  To my surprise, he completed the sets without any assistance from me.  He just seemed to understand intuitively where everything was supposed to fit from the instructions alone.  He loved the sets, and carried the cars with him everywhere he went.  He also took them apart and rebuilt them over and over again, trying different combinations.  Seeing how much he enjoyed playing with LEGO bricks, I got him a few more sets.  Of all his toys, his LEGO sets were the only ones he regularly came back to, still.  (He has told me he wants to be a LEGO “master builder” when he grows up.  I have no quarrel with this aspiration.)

Pretty soon, I joined him.   I remember owning a few LEGO sets as a kid in the 70’s, and playing with them over and over again, but I was never a big collector.  The stuff I had were basic, with your usual assortment of bricks and plates.  Round or conical bricks would have been exotic in these sets.  Technic and Bionicle were not around yet.  The minifigure had just been introduced.  My son’s modern sets were something else.  They looked great, with a wide assortment of bricks and connectors and special parts that I had never seen before.  The models were light years ahead of what I built as a kid.  After a 30 year absence from my life, I was getting hooked on LEGO bricks again (adult Lego enthusiasts refer to their life without LEGO as their “dark years.”)

In 2006, LEGO introduced the Exo-Force line of sets.  They were based on the mecha genre from Japanese anime cartoons and comic books.  My interest in LEGO accelerated at that point and I wound up collecting almost all the sets.  Building giant robots with cockpits which can fit minifigures caused my imagination to go into overdrive. Picture a grown man simulating laser and cannon noises.  Alas, the Exo-Force line came to an end in 2008.  I was left with a lot of LEGO bricks which needed something to do.  I began searching the internet for additional ideas and plans from other LEGO enthusiasts. I learned quickly that I was not alone in my appreciation for LEGO bricks. I was in fact an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO).  There were many different sites devoted to various genres.  It seems that folks love to show off their creations.  Some of them are insanely good.  You would never be able to guess the models were built with LEGO bricks.

Then, I stumbled on Brick Commander, and kept coming back to it.  I had never seen LEGO models so brilliantly and realistically realized.  Best of all, almost all the plans for the models could be downloaded for no cost (the internet at its best).  It was possible for me (or anyone) to build each model, provided that I had the necessary pieces.   I set to work collecting pieces in order to build the models from Brick Commander, and then discovered Bricklink, another amazing website where I could buy individual LEGO pieces from traders/collectors/sellers.  It took me almost two years of collecting until I acquired enough pieces to be able to build a model I was pleased with.  Yeah, the models are that complicated.

The rest of the story will be told through posts on this site.  My goal is to build as many of the models from Brick Commander as possible, and to post the results here. I welcome all your suggestions, friendly comments, and recommendations.  Remember to always use your imagination for fun.

This site is dedicated to my son, who at nine years old, is one of the most gifted LEGO builders I know and who’s responsible for my returning to a childhood hobby I abandoned many, many years ago.   He built many of the models featured here.  He will write his own posts on his experience with them.

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  1. Hello, i would like to say that combining the world of mech and lego, is just Awesome! Would there be any possibility of a legionnaire mech featured on here? Its been a favorite for me, and wouldnt seem that hard to build. Keep it up. I just came across this site and followed to the other. Made my inner child happy.

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