Are all the models featured on this site really built with only LEGO pieces?

Yes.  Mostly LEGO bricks, but I also use Technic and Bionicle pieces.  They count as LEGO, because they’re part of the LEGO company, and are designed to be compatible with LEGO bricks.  I do not cut,  modify, or paint my LEGO pieces, or do anything to change their appearance.  Padawan, integrity of the brick must you respect.

Are you employed by the LEGO company?

No.  I have no association with the LEGO company.  I only like their products. 

Why just Battletech mechs?

I want this site to have a focused theme, and the Battletech universe is so rich and detailed that I can mine it for topics for many future posts.  There are literally hundreds of mechs and vehicles which are part of this world.

Are you a Battletech fan?

Not really.  I’m dating myself, but the only Battletech type game I have played in my life was Mechwarrior, by Activision.  It was a PC game that was popular in the early 90’s.  Since then, nada.  Never got into the turn-based board games, either.

If you’re not a Battletech fan, why devote an entire site to mechs?

I like mechs.   They look cool.  There’s something about giant robots with ridiculous amounts of weaponry that brings out the kid in me.  I also like building with LEGO bricks.  Mechs are an interesting way for me to use my LEGO collection.

Who is Primus?

Throughout this site, you may notice me mention Primus from time to time.  He’s the dude who created many of the plans from which I have constructed the mechs.  I don’t know who he is, and I have never been in contact with him (yet), but I appreciate all the work that he has done in creating the plans and putting it out there to share with the world.  I find it to be an incredibly generous thing to do.  This site is actually a tribute to him.  I think he might enjoy seeing some of his plans constructed by an end user.  Every writer wants to be read.  Every artist wants to be appreciated.

Where do you get all the different Lego pieces?

At a cool website called Brinklink.  It is a marketplace for collectors/sellers/traders of LEGO pieces.  It’s easy and FREE to sign up for an account.  Although the user interface is klutzy, you can search and buy practically any type of LEGO piece that was ever manufactured.  It’s the only place to go to for rare, out of production pieces.  I used to buy from EBay, but got tired of sorting through bulk lots, hoping to find the piece that I need/want.  Brinklink is the most efficient way to buy, since you can order exactly what you want.

Where do you get your plans for the models?

A fantastic website called Brick Commander.  It is maintained by a dude who goes by the handle “Primus,” who is a certified genius with LEGO bricks and advanced building techniques.  Almost all the models on his site have plans to go with them.  Although I love his site, I didn’t dig his gallery section.  The photography is awful, and don’t do justice to his brilliant work.  This is how I got the idea to create this site.  His work deserves to be better represented.

How do you organize your LEGO pieces?

I have a system of organization that works really well for me.  It is based on color and type.  One of these days, I’ll write a post that will describe in detail my organization system.  If you’re serious about building LEGO mechs, you will need a system that will save you time and maximize your enjoyment.  You should be able to know where every one of your thousands of pieces are at any given time.  This sounds daunting, but it’s doable.  My system is so easy my 7-year old daughter can figure it out.

Are all the photographs featured on the site taken by you?

Yes, and I own the copyright to them.  Please do not use any of my photographs without my expressed permission.

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  1. Hi,
    I am desperate to get the Marauder IIC Mech Assault Mech variant. It looks great in the pictures, and I would love to make it.
    Could you please forward the plans if you can, hope to share the love!

    Many Thanks,

    Rob V

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