Chimera mech lego model 9

Chimera Mech

Chimera Medium Mech Background By most accounts, the Chimera mech is a capable medium class (40 tons) mech that has the speed to keep up with light mechs. It was designed to augment the firepower of light mech reconnaissance units without slowing them down. Ideally, the Chimera should be used as a backup mech in […]

Thunder Fox mech Lego model AOD-03

Thunder Fox Mech f(Age of Destruction)

Thunder Fox Mech Background The Thunder Fox is a curious anomaly in the Battletech universe. It is one of the few four-legged mech designs. Battletech enthusiasts obviously favor mechs with bipedal locomotion, although I’m not sure why this would be the case, except for pure esthetic reasons. I tend to think a four-legged machine would […]