Gargoyle mech lego model 3

Gargoyle/Man O’ War Mech

Gargoyle Assault Mech Background Imagine cruising on the highway in your SUV. You’re going pretty fast. You notice a tank is following you, trying to make an interception. A smirk forms on your face. You are content in your belief that you have the speed advantage. You don’t have the fastest vehicle, but you’re sure […]

Thor mech Lego model-10

Thor/Summoner Mech

Thor/Summoner Heavy Mech Background I consider the Thor (original designation Summoner), a heavy (70 tons) mech, to be a departure from Clan Jade Falcon’s elegant mech designs based upon raptors. For comparison, check out the models of the Gyrfalcon and the Black Lanner (there will be other posts in the future which illustrate this point). […]

Fafnir mech Lego model_MW4-79

Fafnir Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Fafnir Mech Background Named after a mythical Norse Dragon, the Fafnir is a walking block–an impervious 100-ton death cube on legs. It is one of the most powerful mechs in existence, with humongous guns that can properly be described as artillery pieces. Its square shape resembles a sledgehammer and conveys its only purpose–dealing damage and destruction. […]

Agro-Mech Lego model-18


Agro-Mech Background Not all mechs are weapons of war.  In fact, the first mechs, such as the original design of the Agro-Mech, were intended for civilian and industrial use only, before the weapons manufacturers embraced their advantages. These mechs made colonizing thousands of distant planets in the galaxy possible for humans because they were able to […]

Thunder Fox mech Lego model AOD-03

Thunder Fox Mech f(Age of Destruction)

Thunder Fox Mech Background The Thunder Fox is a curious anomaly in the Battletech universe. It is one of the few four-legged mech designs. Battletech enthusiasts obviously favor mechs with bipedal locomotion, although I’m not sure why this would be the case, except for pure esthetic reasons. I tend to think a four-legged machine would […]