Stone Rhino (Behemoth) mech Lego model-07

Stone Rhino/Behemoth Mech

Stone Rhino/Behemoth Mech Background The Stone Rhino mech (aka Behemoth in the Inner Sphere), is known in the Battletech universe┬ámore by its reputation than by actual real world experience. This is because it is such an impossibly massive mech, with an incredible price tag to go with it, that few armies can afford to field […]

Cauldron Born mech Lego model-10

Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar Mech

Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar Heavy Mech Background The Black Cauldron is a story inspired by Irish folklore. It is a supernatural cauldron where freshly slain men are reanimated. Such men become undead zombie warriors, lacking any memory of their former human selves. They are mute. Their only purpose for existing is to obey their master. Not […]