Thor mech Lego model-10

Thor/Summoner Mech

Thor/Summoner Heavy Mech Background I consider the Thor (original designation Summoner), a heavy (70 tons) mech, to be a departure from Clan Jade Falcon’s elegant mech designs based upon raptors. For comparison, check out the models of the Gyrfalcon and the Black Lanner (there will be other posts in the future which illustrate this point). […]

Gyrfalcon mech Lego model-19

Gyrfalcon Mech (Age of Destruction)

Gyrfalcon Mech Background The Gyrfalcon mech adheres to Clan Jade Falcon’s design philosophy of building mechs which resemble their real life archetypes. Indeed, the Gyrfalcon looks like a bird of prey with a rounded cockpit that tapers to a beak-like nose cone. Its jump jets have stability fins which evoke the spreading wings of a […]