Gyrfalcon mech Lego model-19

Gyrfalcon Mech (Age of Destruction)

Gyrfalcon Mech Background The Gyrfalcon mech adheres to Clan Jade Falcon’s design philosophy of building mechs which resemble their real life archetypes. Indeed, the Gyrfalcon looks like a bird of prey with a rounded cockpit that tapers to a beak-like nose cone. Its jump jets have stability fins which evoke the spreading wings of a […]

Thunder Fox mech Lego model AOD-03

Thunder Fox Mech f(Age of Destruction)

Thunder Fox Mech Background The Thunder Fox is a curious anomaly in the Battletech universe. It is one of the few four-legged mech designs. Battletech enthusiasts obviously favor mechs with bipedal locomotion, although I’m not sure why this would be the case, except for pure esthetic reasons. I tend to think a four-legged machine would […]

Hellstar mech Lego model-04

Hellstar Mech

Hellstar Assault Mech Background I wrote before that logistics is one of the biggest obstacles that armies have to overcome, especially if you’re fighting far from home territory. Getting food, supplies, and ammunition to the battle space is an incredibly formidable job. Depending on where you’re fighting, the supply lines can be daunting. The materiel […]