Crusader mech Lego model 10

Crusader Mech

Crusader Heavy Mech Background The Crusader, a Star League era heavy mech (65 tons), takes the humanoid design popular with battle mechs to the next level. It was one of the first mechs engineered for close quarters combat, as in street fighting. The Crusader mech was intended to take on other mechs using its arms, […]

Grendel mech Lego model-41

Grendel/Mongrel Mech

Grendel/Mongrel Medium Mech Background Most people think that a combination of tactics, speed, armor, firepower, and numerical superiority wins battles. Those with the best tactics, fastest vehicles, toughest armor, most firepower, and greatest numbers will always prevail. Not so. The reality is much more mundane than that. Often times, victory favors those with the best […]

Battletech Pilum tank from mechwarrior lego model 5

Pilum Tank from Mechwarrior

Mechwarrior Pilum Tank Background The Pilum tank is an improved version of the Inner Sphere Striker light tank. It’s bigger, faster, better armored, and has greater firepower. It also retains the wheeled chassis design, despite being classified as a tank. All the things which makes the Striker a good fighting vehicle is also true with […]

Phoenix Hawk mech Lego model 6

Phoenix Hawk Mech

Phoenix Hawk Medium Mech Background The Phoenix Hawk mech is a Star League era medium class (45 tons) mech. It is one of the granddaddy mechs in Battletech canon. It has existed in one form or another since the game was first played (if  you scrounge through eBay, you’ll find the box artwork of the original game with […]

Nova mech Lego model 1

Nova Mech

Nova Medium Mech Background A nova is a natural phenomenon in which a white dwarf (a star that has burnt out) siphons gases from a larger star to restart fusion. What results is a bright but very brief flash of light and heat. This is eerily similar to what mech pilots experience when they encounter […]

Hunchback IIC mech lego model 5

Hunchback IIC Mech

Hunchback IIC Medium Mech Background The Hunchback IIC mech is a Clan refit of the Inner Sphere Hunchback, a classic design which dates back to the Star League era. The Clans improved on the design by mounting two ultra AC/20 cannons on the shoulders. This weapon system is one of the most powerful in the […]