Blackjack mech lego model 15

Blackjack II Mech

Blackjack II Medium Mech Background Some weapon systems never get past their initial bad reception. They develop a reputation in their early deployment that they are unable to live down, regardless of what improvements are made. Most fade into obscurity, tossed into the dustbin of history. Some remain in service, unloved and unappreciated. The Blackjack […]

Cougar Mech Lego model-MW4-13

Cougar Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Cougar Light Mech Background The Cougar mech was born into hard times. From the beginning, a lack of resources constrained its design. This is because Clan Jade Falcon had just fought a difficult and expensive war against Clan Wolf.  Clan Jade Falcon’s finances and resources were stretched to the limits. They knew they must continue to […]

War Dog mech lego model 9

War Dog Mech

War Dog Heavy Mech Background Lost and found is a popular meme in the Battletech universe. Fantastic military technology is lost in time, but later found again in an abandoned base, mine-shaft, memory core, floppy disc, etc. One would think that if the technology is that important, its keepers would do a better job hanging […]

Osiris mech lego model 15

Osiris Mech

Osiris Light Mech Background Named after the ancient Egyptian god of the underworld, the Osiris mech is an Inner Sphere light mech (30 tons). It’s fast (129 k.p.h.) and well armed (5 extended ranged medium lasers, 1 SRM launcher, and a set of machine guns). Its speed and firepower comes at a cost of poor […]

Bushwhacker mech Lego mode-02

Bushwhacker Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Bushwhacker Medium Mech Background “Bushwhacker” is a term often used to describe guerilla fighters who don’t belong to a regular military unit. These fighters usually do not directly engage the enemy, but rather, hide in and among the terrain (and friendly population) to attack targets of opportunity. The so-call “insurgents” in the Iraq war is […]

Wasp mech Lego model-18

Wasp Mech

Wasp Light Mech Background The word “wasp” has an established meaning in science fiction and military history. Anything small and fast with a potent punch is often called a wasp. Both DC and Marvel Comics have bug-sized superhero characters named “Wasp.” There have been various cars, planes, and boats with that moniker. The U.S. military has […]