Chameleon mech Lego model-47

Chameleon Mech

Chameleon Mech Background Everyone has to start somewhere, as the saying goes. For most Mechwarriors from the Inner Sphere, that “somewhere” is the Chameleon, a medium class (50 tons) mech that has been used as a training platform for up and coming Mechwarriors for at over 500 years. It has been in continuous production since […]

Bloodhound mech lego model 4

Bloodhound Mech

Bloodhound Medium Mech Background The Bloodhound, a medium (45 tons) mech, is based on an interesting concept. It is designed to exclusively hunt and intercept guerilla units. The Inner Sphere┬áis not a monolithic force, but rather, an alliance of military powers who share strategic goals (mainly, a hatred for the Clans and a desire to […]