Hatchetman mech Lego model-37

Hatchetman Mech

Hatchetman Medium Mech Background Although modern warfare is a horrible and brutal undertaking, we sometimes forget that it used to be worse. Much worse. Until the advent of reliable firearms, war was fought up close and personal. Thousands of combatants would descend upon a prearranged meeting place, position themselves tactically, and go about hacking each […]

Blackjack mech lego model 15

Blackjack II Mech

Blackjack II Medium Mech Background Some weapon systems never get past their initial bad reception. They develop a reputation in their early deployment that they are unable to live down, regardless of what improvements are made. Most fade into obscurity, tossed into the dustbin of history. Some remain in service, unloved and unappreciated. The Blackjack […]

Bushwhacker mech Lego mode-02

Bushwhacker Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Bushwhacker Medium Mech Background “Bushwhacker” is a term often used to describe guerilla fighters who don’t belong to a regular military unit. These fighters usually do not directly engage the enemy, but rather, hide in and among the terrain (and friendly population) to attack targets of opportunity. The so-call “insurgents” in the Iraq war is […]

Phoenix Hawk mech Lego model 6

Phoenix Hawk Mech

Phoenix Hawk Medium Mech Background The Phoenix Hawk mech is a Star League era medium class (45 tons) mech. It is one of the granddaddy mechs in Battletech canon. It has existed in one form or another since the game was first played (if  you scrounge through eBay, you’ll find the box artwork of the original game with […]

Chimera mech lego model 9

Chimera Mech

Chimera Medium Mech Background By most accounts, the Chimera mech is a capable medium class (40 tons) mech that has the speed to keep up with light mechs. It was designed to augment the firepower of light mech reconnaissance units without slowing them down. Ideally, the Chimera should be used as a backup mech in […]

Raijin mech Lego model-09

Raijin Mech

Raijin Mech Background The Raijin mech arose from the ashes of one of the largest mech battles in history, the Battle of Tukayyid, where several dozen armies from the various Clans fought with the forces of ComStar for over twenty-one days in order to gain access to Terra. Although outnumbered, ComStar was able to claim […]