Lobo mech lego model 2

Lobo Mech

Lobo Mech Background The development of the Lobo mech can be be understood through the idea that weapons manufacturers often like to scale up or scale down proven designs in order to take full advantage of mature technology and manufacturing processes. The AK-47 and AR-15 assault rifles are examples of this philosophy. There are so […]


Stalking Spider Mech

Stalking Spider Mech Background The Stalking Spider mech, a Clan medium class mech (50 tons), is another quad legged design that occasionally appears in the Battletech universe. Any discussion of a quad legged mech always includes an obligatory comment about how mech pilots dislike quad legged designs for one reason or another. This always begs […]

Gyrfalcon mech Lego model-19

Gyrfalcon Mech (Age of Destruction)

Gyrfalcon Mech Background The Gyrfalcon mech adheres to Clan Jade Falcon’s design philosophy of building mechs which resemble their real life archetypes. Indeed, the Gyrfalcon looks like a bird of prey with a rounded cockpit that tapers to a beak-like nose cone. Its jump jets have stability fins which evoke the spreading wings of a […]

Thunder Fox mech Lego model AOD-03

Thunder Fox Mech f(Age of Destruction)

Thunder Fox Mech Background The Thunder Fox is a curious anomaly in the Battletech universe. It is one of the few four-legged mech designs. Battletech enthusiasts obviously favor mechs with bipedal locomotion, although I’m not sure why this would be the case, except for pure esthetic reasons. I tend to think a four-legged machine would […]

Ursus mech Lego model-13

Ursus Mech

Ursus Medium Mech Background The Ursus medium mech was designed from the ground up as a defensive unit to guard the Inner Sphere borders and garrisons.  The engine is underrated for its 50 ton chassis. Its designers sacrificed speed for armor and weaponry.  Due to the fact that it serves near garrisons which are close […]