firemoth/dasher mech lego model 3

Firemoth/Dasher Mech

Firemoth/Dasher Light Mech Background After building and writing about the Age of Destruction variant of the Marauder IIC, anything else would be a little anticlimactic. However, the task of building every Battletech Lego model from Brick Commander must continue. We now come to the Firemoth mech. I have no great affection for this mech, but I […]

Fire-Ant-Mech Lego mode 6

Fire Ant Mech

Fire Ant Mech Background The flamethrower is one of the most feared and reviled infantry weapons ever devised. It basically consists of a jellified flammable liquid (usually gasoline) that is propelled over long distances (sometimes over 100 meters) by compressed gas. The flammable liquid is then ignited. The victim is often coated with the burning […]

Ocelot mech Lego model-56

Ocelot Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Ocelot Mech Background Encountering a real life ocelot, you might be misled by its size, which is not much bigger than a well-fed house cat. They are one of the smaller wild cats. Don’t try to pet one, though, because ocelots are strong and vicious enough to deal some serious damage. They are the opposite […]

Jenner mech Lego model-MW4-31

Jenner Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Jenner Mech Background If you need to go into combat in a light mech, you want one that can punch above its weight in terms of firepower. Or, you want one that is fast enough to get you out of tough spots. Jump jets would be nice, too. The Jenner mech has all the bases covered. Its firepower is […]

Gambit Mech

Gambit Mech The Gambit mech made its initial appearance in the Age of Destruction game. That is pretty much the extent of the information available about the Gambit, a light (25 tons) mech. It is not a major design in the Battletech universe, and depictions of it are rare. If you are a fan of the […]

Raven mech Lego model-01

Raven Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Raven Mech Background The Raven mech cuts an ominous profile, with its swept back canopy and slightly bowed nosecone. It resembles its namesake. Real life ravens are known for their intelligence. They are incredibly perceptive and can retain information for many years. The same can be said for Battletech Ravens. They are, first and foremost, […]