Raven mech Lego model-01

Raven Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Raven Mech Background The Raven mech cuts an ominous profile, with its swept back canopy and slightly bowed nosecone. It resembles its namesake. Real life ravens are known for their intelligence. They are incredibly perceptive and can retain information for many years. The same can be said for Battletech Ravens. They are, first and foremost, […]

Flea Mech Lego model-13

Flea Mech

Flea Mech Background The Flea is an extremely dangerous mech…if you were a foot grunt…without any weapons…caught in the open by yourself. Otherwise, you don’t really have much to worry about. The Flea, with its lightweight armor and puny guns, will pose little threat to you. It is strictly a recon mech, and Flea pilots […]

Raptor mech lego model 1

Raptor Mech

Raptor Light Mech Background When confronted with Clan omnimech technology for the first time, Inner Sphere forces were literally blown away. The ability of Clan commanders to change the weapon configuration of their mechs based upon the needs of the mission was an advantage that had no Inner Sphere equivalent. Inner Sphere forces could not […]

Tarantula mech lego model 10

Tarantula Mech

Tarantula Light Mech Background The Tarantula mech was designed to overcome some of perceived or real shortcomings of quad pedal mechs. After the disastrous introduction of the Scorpion, mechs of the quad pedal kind were universally scorned. Mechwarriors would rather lose their status than be seen in one. The chief complaint of all things was […]

Hollander 2 mech Lego model_2-16

Hollander 2 Mech

Hollander 2 Medium Mech Background The Hollander 2 mech, a light (35 tons) Inner Sphere battllemech, is the product of some weird design decisions. Its manufacturer compromised speed, armor, and pretty much everything else for pure firepower. This mech is known as the “running cannon,” an appropriate description because the massive Gauss cannon the Hollander […]

Razorback mech lego model 13

Razorback Mech

Razorback Light Mech Background There are rebels without causes, and mechs without purposes. The Razorback mech is one of the latter. In the crowded field of light mechs, it is hardly distinguishable. It has design flaws which limits its usefulness. For example, it’s reliance on ammo resupplies for its weapons keep it closely tethered to home base […]