Osiris mech lego model 15

Osiris Mech

Osiris Light Mech Background Named after the ancient Egyptian god of the underworld, the Osiris mech is an Inner Sphere light mech (30 tons). It’s fast (129 k.p.h.) and well armed (5 extended ranged medium lasers, 1 SRM launcher, and a set of machine guns). Its speed and firepower comes at a cost of poor […]

Wasp mech Lego model-18

Wasp Mech

Wasp Light Mech Background The word “wasp” has an established meaning in science fiction and military history. Anything small and fast with a potent punch is often called a wasp. Both DC and Marvel Comics have bug-sized superhero characters named “Wasp.” There have been various cars, planes, and boats with that moniker. The U.S. military has […]

Locust mech Lego model-32

Locust Mech

Locust Light Mech Background A single locust by itself barely counts as nuisance. It can be crushed with two fingers. But, as any farmer in the Midwestern U.S. can attest, a swarm of locusts can only mean trouble. The grasshopper-like bugs can wreak massive destruction in a short period of time, stripping an entire field […]

Flea mech lego model from mechwarrior4 1

Flea Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Flea Light Mech (Mechwarrior 4 Variant) Background The Flea is an extremely dangerous mech…if you were a grunt…without any weapons…caught in the open by yourself. Otherwise, you don’t really have much to worry about.  The Flea, with its lightweight armor and puny guns, will pose little threat to you. It is strictly a recon mech, […]

Fire-Ant-Mech Lego mode 6

Fire Ant Mech

Fire Ant Mech Background The flamethrower is one of the most feared and reviled infantry weapons ever devised. It basically consists of a jellified flammable liquid (usually gasoline) that is propelled over long distances (sometimes over 100 meters) by compressed gas. The flammable liquid is then ignited. The victim is often coated with the burning […]

Jenner mech Lego model-MW4-31

Jenner Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Jenner Mech Background If you need to go into combat in a light mech, you want one that can punch above its weight in terms of firepower. Or, you want one that is fast enough to get you out of tough spots. Jump jets would be nice, too. The Jenner mech has all the bases covered. Its firepower is […]