Solitaire mech lego model 1

Solitaire Mech

Solitaire Light Mech Background The Solitaire is a late model light mech (25 tons) that is fielded by Clan Diamond Sharks. Its top speed of 162 k.p.h. makes it one of the fastest mechs in existence. Its builders did not compromise in its design, as this mech is fast, well armored, and heavily armed. They […]

Cougar Mech Lego model-MW4-13

Cougar Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Cougar Light Mech Background The Cougar mech was born into hard times. From the beginning, a lack of resources constrained its design. This is because Clan Jade Falcon had just fought a difficult and expensive war against Clan Wolf.  Clan Jade Falcon’s finances and resources were stretched to the limits. They knew they must continue to […]

firemoth/dasher mech lego model 3

Firemoth/Dasher Mech

Firemoth/Dasher Light Mech Background After building and writing about the Age of Destruction variant of the Marauder IIC, anything else would be a little anticlimactic. However, the task of building every Battletech Lego model from Brick Commander must continue. We now come to the Firemoth mech. I have no great affection for this mech, but I […]

Ocelot mech Lego model-56

Ocelot Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Ocelot Mech Background Encountering a real life ocelot, you might be misled by its size, which is not much bigger than a well-fed house cat. They are one of the smaller wild cats. Don’t try to pet one, though, because ocelots are strong and vicious enough to deal some serious damage. They are the opposite […]

Puma mech Lego model-17

Puma/Adder Mech

Puma/Adder Light Mech Background The Adder, a Clan light mech (35 tons) earned the respectful codename “Puma” from Inner Sphere warriors who had the misfortune of facing it in battle. Armed with an extended range PPC on each arm (its most common configuration), the Puma/Adder mech was designed to tackle and dominate much larger mechs. Its […]