Rifleman mech Lego model_MW4-28

Rifleman Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Rifleman Mech Background With a massive radar array mounted on top of its torso, and quad gun clusters in place of arms, there’s no mistaking the role of the Rifleman mech. It has similarities to the German fielded 20 mm Flakvierling 38 anti-aircraft weapon system from WWII. Although designed primarily as a fire support mech, […]

Jagermech Lego model-15

Jagermech Mechwarrior

Jagermech Background “Jager” is a German word meaning “huntsman.” It is also a type of overgrown sea gull that feeds by beating up smaller gulls and forcing them to throw up their food (yech!). A bully bird with really bad table manners. Given that the Jagermech is a redesign of the Rifleman, my money is […]

Ursa mech Lego model-07

Ursa Mech (Age of Destruction)

Ursa Mech Background Ursa means “bear” in Latin, and the Ursa mech looks like (drum roll….) a bear. Not the most original concept, but it works for me. It’s a quad legged heavy mech (65 tons) that appears in the Age of Destruction game. There are very few quad mechs in the Battletech universe in […]

Vulture mech lego model-24

Vulture Mech/Mad Dog (Mechwarrior 4)

Vulture/Mad Dog Mech Background Although designated the Mad Dog by its Clan designers, the name never really caught on. This heavy (60 tons) mech is better known by its  Inner Sphere moniker, Vulture. This is probably the case because the Vulture mech looks nothing like a dog, and more like the flying carrion feeder. Its […]

Marauder mech Lego model-06

Marauder Mech

Marauder Mech Background The Marauder mech is such an important mech in the Battletech universe that I would be remiss if if I didn’t write about it at this point. It is such an advanced, forward-thinking design that hundreds of years after it was first introduced, it can still hold its own against the newest […]

Cauldron Born mech Lego model-10

Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar Mech

Cauldron Born/Ebon Jaguar Heavy Mech Background The Black Cauldron is a story inspired by Irish folklore. It is a supernatural cauldron where freshly slain men are reanimated. Such men become undead zombie warriors, lacking any memory of their former human selves. They are mute. Their only purpose for existing is to obey their master. Not […]