Marauder mech Lego model-06

Marauder Mech

Marauder Mech Background The Marauder mech is such an important mech in the Battletech universe that I would be remiss if if I didn’t write about it at this point. It is such an advanced, forward-thinking design that hundreds of years after it was first introduced, it can still hold its own against the newest […]

Champion Mech Lego Model 2

Champion Mech

Champion Mech Background The Champion mech was introduced in 2602 to Star League forces. It is a heavy mech (60 tons) designed to be fast and maneuverable, with an array of weaponry to give it good combat flexibility. The Champion was intended to fulfill an unusual role for a heavy mech–reconnaissance. It has minimal armor […]

Lego model of Catapult mech-03

Catapult Mech

Catapult Heavy Mech Background The catapult from ancient warfare is a specialized fire support weapon. Its primary¬†purpose¬†is to hurl boulders, cauldrons of flaming oil, diseased bodies, and anything that could cause death and mayhem over long distances. Because of its long range, it can pound defenses and enemy units into dust without ever being in […]