War Dog mech lego model 9

War Dog Mech

War Dog Heavy Mech Background Lost and found is a popular meme in the Battletech universe. Fantastic military technology is lost in time, but later found again in an abandoned base, mine-shaft, memory core, floppy disc, etc. One would think that if the technology is that important, its keepers would do a better job hanging […]

Crusader mech Lego model 10

Crusader Mech

Crusader Heavy Mech Background The Crusader, a Star League era heavy mech (65 tons), takes the humanoid design popular with battle mechs to the next level. It was one of the first mechs engineered for close quarters combat, as in street fighting. The Crusader mech was intended to take on other mechs using its arms, […]

Warhammer mech Lego model-75

Warhammer Mech

Warhammer Heavy Mech Background The Warhammer mech has a lot to live up to. Its name, for one. A war hammer from medieval times was one of the most effective hand held weapons. It was designed to inflict a devastating blow against well armored knights. A head strike with a war hammer against an opponent, even one […]

Lao-Hu mech lego model 1

Lao Hu Mech

Lao-Hu Heavy Mech Background Although the Lao-Hu mech is classified as a heavy (75 tons) mech, it is designed to engage and destroy assault class mechs which outweigh it by at least 10 tons. Its massive shoulder mounted autocannon speaks volumes about the meaning of the Lao-Hu’s existence. There’s zero confusion about its life’s purpose. It […]

Rifleman mech Lego model_MW4-28

Rifleman Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Rifleman Mech Background With a massive radar array mounted on top of its torso, and quad gun clusters in place of arms, there’s no mistaking the role of the Rifleman mech. It has similarities to the German fielded 20 mm Flakvierling 38 anti-aircraft weapon system from WWII. Although designed primarily as a fire support mech, […]

Jagermech Lego model-15

Jagermech Mechwarrior

Jagermech Background “Jager” is a German word meaning “huntsman.” It is also a type of overgrown sea gull that feeds by beating up smaller gulls and forcing them to throw up their food (yech!). A bully bird with really bad table manners. Given that the Jagermech is a redesign of the Rifleman, my money is […]