Legacy Mech

Legacy Assault Mech Background World of Blake is one of the few military forces which field the Legacy mech, an assault class (80 tons) Inner Sphere battlemech. This mech was first introduced as a platform for new experimental weapon technologies, namely the large-bore Ultra AC/10 and C3i Computer, an advanced targeting system which allows the […]

Atlas mech Lego model-87

Atlas Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Atlas Assault Mech Background There is a strain of thought among Battletech fans that bigger is better.  Size equals power. The Atlas mech epitomizes this thinking. It is one of the most massive battle mechs in existence, weighing in at about 100 tons. It was created to ensure that the Star League Defense Forces would […]

Highlander mech lego model 3

Highlander Mech

Highlander Assault Mech Background When you have a death maneuver named after you, you’re something special. Such is the case with the Highlander mech, and the maneuver is called the “Highlander burial.” Every type of combat game has its own version of a humiliating death. In the Battletech universe, it’s death from above, where a […]

Devastator mech Lego model-64

Devastator Mech

Devastator Mech Background With its tiny cone shaped head on top of massive shoulders, the Devastator looks less than menacing–ridiculous even. Looks can be deceiving, however, because the Devastator lives up to its name. This assault mech packs a mean wallop. Get behind the wrong end of its pairs of Gauss rifles and particle projector cannons, and you’d […]

Fafnir mech Lego model_MW4-79

Fafnir Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Fafnir Mech Background Named after a mythical Norse Dragon, the Fafnir is a walking block–an impervious 100-ton death cube on legs. It is one of the most powerful mechs in existence, with humongous guns that can properly be described as artillery pieces. Its square shape resembles a sledgehammer and conveys its only purpose–dealing damage and destruction. […]

Salamander Mech Lego model-52

Salamander Mech

Salamander Mech Background In real life, the salamander is an amphibious creature that is shy and mostly harmless. In the Battletech universe, however, the Salamander mech is an assault-class fire support mech that is instantly recognizable by the massive arrays of missile launchers in its torso and left arm. This iconic machine-of-war sports two Doombud LRM-20 missile launchers […]