Gargoyle mech lego model 3

Gargoyle/Man O’ War Mech

Gargoyle Assault Mech Background Imagine cruising on the highway in your SUV. You’re going pretty fast. You notice a tank is following you, trying to make an interception. A smirk forms on your face. You are content in your belief that you have the speed advantage. You don’t have the fastest vehicle, but you’re sure […]

marauder IIC mech lego model from age of destruction 12

Marauder IIC Mech (Age of Destruction)

Marauder IIC Assault Mech Background This post about the Marauder IIC mech is a bit unusual for two reasons. First, I cannot positively identify this model. On Brick Commander, Primus indicates that it is a custom variant of the Marauder IIC piloted by Judith Faber. I have reasons for believing that Primus might be incorrect […]

Marauder_IIC Lego model-43

Marauder IIC Mech

Marauder IIC Mech Brackground An assault mech to the core, this mech is the Marauder and Marauder II’s boss. The Marauder IIC is a Clan derivative of the Marauder II, which in turn was developed from the venerable Marauder. The Marauder IIC uses Clan weapons technology, and packs withering firepower at all ranges. Its whopping […]

Stone Rhino (Behemoth) mech Lego model-07

Stone Rhino/Behemoth Mech

Stone Rhino/Behemoth Mech Background The Stone Rhino mech (aka Behemoth in the Inner Sphere), is known in the Battletech universe more by its reputation than by actual real world experience. This is because it is such an impossibly massive mech, with an incredible price tag to go with it, that few armies can afford to field […]

Hellstar mech Lego model-04

Hellstar Mech

Hellstar Assault Mech Background I wrote before that logistics is one of the biggest obstacles that armies have to overcome, especially if you’re fighting far from home territory. Getting food, supplies, and ammunition to the battle space is an incredibly formidable job. Depending on where you’re fighting, the supply lines can be daunting. The materiel […]

Naga Assault Mech

Naga Assault Mech Background The Naga, an assault class (80 tons) mech, is the Clan version of the Inner Sphere Longbow.  It is a fire support mech that mounts the Arrow IV artillery missile system.  Similar to the Longbow, instead of arms, the missile launchers extend directly from its shoulders.  Unlike the slow Longbow, the […]