Battletech Pilum tank from mechwarrior lego model 5

Pilum Tank from Mechwarrior

Mechwarrior Pilum Tank Background The Pilum tank is an improved version of the Inner Sphere Striker light tank. It’s bigger, faster, better armored, and has greater firepower. It also retains the wheeled chassis design, despite being classified as a tank. All the things which makes the Striker a good fighting vehicle is also true with […]

Striker light tank Lego model-37

Striker Light Tank from Mechwarrior

Mechwarrior Striker Light Tank The Striker light tank looks exactly like what it is—a cheap, mass produced missile platform. It is fielded by Inner Sphere armies. Although it is classified in the Battletech world as a “light tank,” I have a hard time considering anything without tracks to be a tank. The Striker light tank […]

peregrine VTOL mechwarrior lego model 1

Peregrine VTOL from Mechwarrior

Mechwarrior Peregrine VTOL The Peregrine falcon is a bird of prey that renowned for its speed, maneuverability, and grace. It has an incredible top speed of 320 k.m.h., making it one of the fastest living things on the planet. It needs to be fast because it hunts other birds. It kills its victims with a […]

Battletech Mobile HQ vehicle lego model 13

Battletech Mobile HQ from Mechwarrior

Battletech Mobile HQ Vehicle Background Mobile command centers are one of those things you see a lot on TV or in the movies, but are actually rare in real life. There are very few such specialized vehicles in existence. Most of the time, mobile command centers are makeshift conversions from conventional vehicles.  Overly large or […]

battletech Von Luckner tank lego model 10

Battletech Von Luckner Tank from Mechwarrior

Von Luckner Tank Background The Battletech Von Luckner tank dates back to the Star League Era. It is a heavy (75 tons) tank that is fielded by Inner Sphere forces, and is one of the few non-mech vehicles that is powered by a fusion reactor. According to historical reports, the Von Luckner was designed to […]