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Solitaire Mech

Solitaire Light Mech Background

The Solitaire is a late model light mech (25 tons) that is fielded by Clan Diamond Sharks. Its top speed of 162 k.p.h. makes it one of the fastest mechs in existence. Its builders did not compromise in its design, as this mech is fast, well armored, and heavily armed. They spared no expense in making the Solitaire a top mech in its weight class. It is clad with four and one half tons of fibro-ferrous armor, and mounts one heavy large laser, two heavy medium lasers, and one heavy small laser. Its one downside, the Solitaire mech’s heatsinks are inadequate to dissipate the heat generated by its weapons, but the Solitaire pilot is not supposed to engage for long periods.

Like many other light mechs, the Solitaire mech is meant for hit and run combat (with the emphasis on run). Ideally, it should move quickly into range, strike with its full complement of energy weapons, and get out of range of its opponent out as fast as possible. Recharge its weapons, and repeat until victory. The Solitaire is perfectly designed for picking off enemy mechs because it has a speed advantage over almost every other mech, and it can operate far from supply lines as it only mounts energy weapons. It has no need for ammo and the constant need for resupply. Although it has no substantial battle history to speak of, initial reports of this mech’s performance have been positive.

The Solitaire Mech Lego Model

Primus created the Lego model of the Solitaire mech. It’s a good design because the model resembles its archetype in Battletech canon. There really wasn’t too much to it, and came together in no time. It’s another humanoid type mech with no discernible cockpit, so I wasn’t a fan of the Solitaire. Its hips were also a bit unstable, and probably would not have supported the model if it were a few bricks heavier. There’s not much else for me to write about because there is almost no other information I could find regarding this mech. For whatever reason, this mech did not photograph well, thus there are only a few images (some mechs, due to their angles, aren’t photogenic). It does look pretty good as a display model. As always, Solitaire fans can add their thoughts in the comment section below.

To download building plans for the Solitaire light mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of light mechs similar to the Solitaire mech here.

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