Stormcrow or Ryoken mech lego model 2

Ryoken/Stormcrow Mech

Ryoken/Stormcrow Medium Mech Background

Lasers make great offensive weapons because they cause massive damage and require no ammunition, but they can pose problems for most mechs due to the enormous amount of heat they generate. The use of lasers often times would force undesirable compromises. For instance, some armor protection must be sacrificed in favor of more heatsinks. Such a mech would have devastating firepower, but would be unable to absorb much punishment itself. Due to heat buildup issues, it is rare for a mech armed with lasers to have sustained firepower. The Ryoken mech, a medium class (55 tons) mech fielded by Clan forces is one of the exceptions (originally called Stormcrow by its Clan designers before its Inner Sphere nickname stuck). Although armed with pairs of extended range large and medium lasers on each arm, the Ryoken/Stormcrow mech has no problems with heat buildup. It can dominate a battlefield due to its ability to let loose with sustained barrages of deadly laser fire. A Ryoken/Stormcrow mech can melt the armor off an enemy mech while its hapless pilot is desperately trying to avoid a heat induced shutdown.

The Ryoken/Stormcrow mech is no tin can dragon, because its nine and a half tons of Ferro-fibrous armor is substantial for a mech of its size. On top of that, it has a very respectable maximum speed of 97 k.p.h. It can outrun more powerful enemies. Those that it can’t outrun, it can turn into molten slag. It has no known serious weakness which can be exploited. For these reasons, the Ryoken/Stormcrow is a feared and respected adversary. It garners much respect from both friends and foes.

Watch this gameplay video of the Ryoken/Stormcrow mech mounted with short range weapons:

The Ryoken/Stormcrow Mech Lego Model

Primus designed the LEGO model of the Ryoken/Stormcrow. Although not on my list of all-time favorites, this is nevertheless a cool little model that was easy, fun, and enjoyable to build. It had no serious issues which needed to be addressed. As usual, it looks a lot like the Ryoken/Stormcrow found in Battletech illustrations. If you are a Ryoken/Stormcrow fan, you won’t be disappointed with this model. I built the guns according to the plans, but you can easily modify them in accordance with the specifications of the various upgrade versions.  Check out the size difference of the Ryoken/Stormcrow compared to the light Wasp.

To download building plans for the Ryoken/Stormcrow medium mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of medium mechs similar to the Ryoken/Stormcrow mech here.

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