Legacy Mech

Legacy Assault Mech Background

World of Blake is one of the few military forces which field the Legacy mech, an assault class (80 tons) Inner Sphere battlemech. This mech was first introduced as a platform for new experimental weapon technologies, namely the large-bore Ultra AC/10 and C3i Computer, an advanced targeting system which allows the Legacy mech to coordinate fire with at least six other units simultaneously, allowing for an unprecedented concentration of fire on targets. It was based upon an abandoned Star League era mech called the Rising Star. The designers used the chassis of the old mech and mounted the new targeting computer, ultracannons, and other upgrades. In no time, the Legacy walked off the assembly line and into history. It is a frontline mech for World of Black forces.

Its builders outfitted the Legacy mech with thick armor protection, a light fusion engine, and CASE protection. This load-out allows the mech to survive close encounters on the battlefield better than others of its size class. Its greatest weakness is its glacial speed of 54 k.p.h. The speed limitation is offset somewhat by the inclusion of jump jets, something that is not common on assault class mechs. The jump jets gives the Legacy the additional advantage of greater maneuverability. This advantage is sorely needed because the Legacy mech’s weapons, although extremely powerful, require ammo. Although the Legacy does have backup lasers, their power is surpassed by most opposing mechs. The smart Legacy pilot should bug out of the fight using his jump jets when the ammo on his primary weapons runs out, rather than trying to slug it out with his anemic lasers. Retreating seems to be frowned upon in the Battletech universe, but it’s sound tactics in most situations because it allows the warfighter to save his machine (and his own hide) to fight for another day.

The Legacy Mech Lego Model

Primus designed the Lego model of the Legacy Mech. I am probably not the only person who thinks that this mech looks fantastic with the giant cannons mounted on its shoulders. I am also probably not the only person who thinks this idea is exceedingly stupid, especially on such a tall weapons platform with a high center of gravity. I complained of the same thing about the Hollander. How is aiming accomplished? Do you elevate and lower the cannons by stooping or bending the mech’s shoulders? The only way to traverse the barrel is to spin the Legacy’s body around, something that would be 100% easier to do if the cannons were mounted on turrets. Turrets are ancient technology but they work well. These are not minor quibbles, but major design flaws which never would ever get out of the design stage in the real world. But, we’re not in the real world. We’re in the Battletech universe, which tolerates and encourages absurd designs.

All this does not take away from the Lego model itself, which I still think is great. Needless to say, it does have serious stability issues, so it’s not one which you can keep around for a long time. I enjoyed it for a while before I had to salvage its pieces.

To download building plans for the Legacy assault mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of assault mechs similar to the Legacy mech here.

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