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Gargoyle/Man O’ War Mech

Gargoyle Assault Mech Background

Imagine cruising on the highway in your SUV. You’re going pretty fast. You notice a tank is following you, trying to make an interception. A smirk forms on your face. You are content in your belief that you have the speed advantage. You don’t have the fastest vehicle, but you’re sure no tank can come close. You press down a little harder on the accelerator, thinking that you will be able to outrun the tank. The tank keeps up with you, and is actually gaining ground. Your confidence turns into surprise. Determined to break away, your foot is now crushing the pedal to the floorboard. Nothing happens because you’re moving as fast as your SUV can go. The tank is still gaining. Panic starts to overtake you. You mash even harder, but its front end fills your entire rear windshield. Your eyes are wide open with shock as you realize that this is no mirage. As the tank rolls over your SUV and flattens out your last bit of breath, your dying thoughts are, “this is not possible…”

Your dying thoughts are something many mechwarriors who pilot a heavy, medium, or even light mech experience when facing the Gargoyle mech (aka Man O’ War). This Clan assault mech (80 tons) is a sight to behold. Unlike other assault class mechs, the Gargoyle mech is no lumbering behemoth. It has a very respectable top speed of 86 k.p.h., which is faster than some light mechs. It is able to do this because its engine is one of the most powerful in general use. Its designers emphasized speed and weapon payload, and sacrificed a little bit of armor. With an autocannon mounted on each arm, this mech is a true close in fighter. Its speed allows it to maintain range. Pilots of lighter mechs who think they can just run away from this giant are in for a nasty surprise. It will not only keep up with a fleeing adversary, but catch up. It is not good to have a Gargoyle mech at close range because its autocannons are devastating at intimate distances. You will be pulling the ejector lever before you can even chip some paint off the Gargoyle with your own puny weapons.

I noticed that it is getting very easy to find videos of mechs. Here’s one of the Gargoyle mech in action:

The Gargoyle Mech Lego Model

The Lego model of the Gargoyle was designed by Peer Risch and Primus. Overall, it was a very satisfying model to build. It’s an accurate depiction of the Gargoyle. The model didn’t have very graceful lines, but still came out looking good because its blocky shape managed to convey might and menace at the same time. Everything was well proportioned, from the guns on its arms down to its feet. (Except for the torso, which was a bit oversized, but it’s supposed to be a gargoyle, right?) It was one of my favorite builds in a long time. A bonus is that this Lego model is very stable despite being very big. One interesting feature about the Gargoyle that might not be apparent is that its cockpit is actually located in the “mouth,” and not the “eyes.” I love building assault mechs, and this one is no exception. Also, check out the Gargoyle next to the Puma light mech for size comparison purposes.

To download building plans for the Gargoyle assault mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of assault mechs similar to the Gargoyle mech here.

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2 thoughts on “Gargoyle/Man O’ War Mech

  1. Hi there 🙂

    following your site since Primus showed it to me. nice rebuilds of the mechs you made! The pictures are great, but i think sometimes it would be cool to have them larger than they are in the gallery box…

    and then: UH! Mistake! 😀
    Only the Gargoyles legs are from Primus, or should i say: from Primus’ Executioner. I made the torso and arms 🙂 damn thats 10 years ago. was my 2nd or 3rd mech if i remember right.
    I dont mind that you made the mistake 🙂

    Keep up the good work! I like it 🙂

    Peer Risch

    1. Hi Peer, thanks for stopping by. My goal is to depict these models in the best light possible, so if you as the designer like them, that is a fine compliment indeed.

      I’d like to have larger photos on the site, too, but the load times would be too ridiculous. I settled on having more small photos instead of having a few large ones.

      I’m going to keep building the models and posting until I run out of plans. Please feel free to point out any mistakes I have made. I’ve mentioned to Primus that I’m actually a Battletech newbie, so I could be off on some things in my writeups.

      When you, Primus, and Ron Perovich were designing these models, did you know it would spawn such a dedicated following?

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