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War Dog Mech

War Dog Heavy Mech Background

Lost and found is a popular meme in the Battletech universe. Fantastic military technology is lost in time, but later found again in an abandoned base, mine-shaft, memory core, floppy disc, etc. One would think that if the technology is that important, its keepers would do a better job hanging on to it. I admit the meme can get tedious for me, but it is necessary in order to create dramatic arcs. Otherwise, there will be no highs and lows in the galactic war that has raged for centuries. The War Dog mech, a heavy (75 tons) Inner Sphere battlemech, is another instance of the lost and found meme in action.

The War Dog mech was first designed during the Star League era. There were even a few chassis which were constructed. However, when the League fell apart, the War Dog’s plans and some of the chassis were smuggled to a remote base, where they remained forgotten and unseen for hundreds of years. The base was eventually recaptured and to the delight of everyone, the complete plans for the War Dog mech fell into the hands of units loyal to the Inner Sphere. Weapons manufacturers seized upon the opportunity to build this advanced mech, and assembly lines started churning them out without delay. The rest is history. The easily recognizable War Dog is now a feared presence on the battlefield. In reviewing its info, I cannot really discern what exactly makes the War Dog so advanced and game changing. Its speed, armor, and weapons systems are decent, but nothing that hasn’t been seen before in other similarly classed mechs. I hope other Battletech experts can write more on this aspect.

The War Dog Mech Lego Model

The Lego model of the War Dog was designed by Primus. Despite my ambivalence about the mech’s history, I am impressed by the model itself. It is a very good depiction of the War Dog, and matches the mech’s appearance in Battletech drawings and illustrations. The model looks cool with its torso slung between its legs, like a giant egg with limbs. After building so many mechs models, it is a welcome departure from the more common design elements. No doubt it has a unique appearance among the humanoid mechs. Unique doesn’t always mean great, however. One design weakness I noticed is that the torso doesn’t rotate, so that could be a serious liability in battle. Also, the cockpit sits dead center in the torso, which in turn presents a nice sized center mass target on the mech. The War Dog pilot might as well paint a red dot on his chest because he literally is the center of the bull’s-eye. It takes sheer genius to come up with an idea that stupid. But nevermind my grumblings about realism and all that nonsense. Just enjoy the build.

To download building plans for the War Dog heavy mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of heavy mechs similar to the War Dog mech here.

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