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Thor/Summoner Mech

Thor/Summoner Heavy Mech Background

I consider the Thor (original designation Summoner), a heavy (70 tons) mech, to be a departure from Clan Jade Falcon’s elegant mech designs based upon raptors. For comparison, check out the models of the Gyrfalcon and the Black Lanner (there will be other posts in the future which illustrate this point). Clan Jade Falcon’s mechs often times have beautiful designs meant to evoke the power and grace of birds of prey. The Thor/Summoner mech, on the other hand, is stubby, ungainly, unproportioned, and overall weird looking. It has the lines of a sledgehammer, with stumpy arms sticking out. The legs are also too small for the torso, giving the mech a squat appearance which makes it look shorter than it is. Although it is well armed, the guns seem puny on this mech, and don’t convey a sense of menace. On looks alone, the Thor fails to inspire fear and awe. And, it looks nothing like any bird, unless you count the dodo.

Looks can be deceiving, however, as the Thor/Summoner is one of Clan Jade Falcon’s most powerful mechs. It was originally called the Summoner, but earned the name Thor from its adversaries because of its heavy hitting power and speed (“Summoner” is also an odd deviation from Clan Jade Falcon’s normal practice of naming their mechs after birds). In its standard configuration, the Thor/Summoner mech is armed with a heavy autocannon, a shoulder mounted LRM launcher, an extended range PPC, and machine guns for anti-personnel protection. Its pilots normally don’t mount energy weapons. Because it has advanced heat dissipating abilities, the Thor mech can fire its entire arsenal at once without overheating. The combination of weapons is devastating, and can easily overwhelm most mechs (check out the video below for a demonstration, but turn off the obnoxious music first). While other mechs are dealing with imminent shutdown due to overheating, the Thor/Summoner can let loose with one salvo after another. Its only major shortcoming is that it must fight while close to supply lines, because all of its weapons require ammunition.

As seen in the video, as long as the Thor has ammo, it is a dangerous adversary that must be treated with great respect.

This other video demonstrates the jump jet capability Thor/Summoner Variant D:

The Thor/Summoner Mech Lego Model

The LEGO model of the Thor/Summoner mech was designed by Ron Perovich. To be fair, it does capture the appearance of the Thor as depicted in Battletech canon. Nonetheless, I found the Lego model to be boring and uninspired, probably because the Thor/Summoner mech doesn’t look that good to me. Some may appreciate its blocky shape, but not me. I tried to keep an open mind, but in the end, even with all the sections assembled, I did not grow to appreciate the Lego model. I can’t really find any serious fault with it, other than my not liking its appearance. Just a personal preference on my part. You might think differently. Again, my lack of enthusiasm is not due to the design of the Lego model. The Thor/Summoner really does look like a block of carved soap.

To download building plans for the Thor/Summoner heavy mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of heavy mechs similar to the Thor/Summoner mech here.

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4 thoughts on “Thor/Summoner Mech

  1. Looking at schematics of the original Thor, I think the legs should be a little longer, and the torso could stand losing a layer of bricks or two. But I have never been unhappy with this model. A pretty good rendition of this ‘Mech from the very, very early days of LEGO BattleMech building, using mostly basic bricks.

    1. I got the sense the model was an “oldie but goodie.” For me, it really just came down to the fact that I don’t like the design of the Thor itself. Since the model depicts the Thor so well, I didn’t like the model. Just a matter of taste. This is why I’m going to avoid building the Loki for awhile. 🙂

  2. My original mech of this is now for sale, along with almost all the models from my old website. So if you’re interested in the painted version of this one please check out my posts in the Battletech Buy/Sell group on Facebook. Thanks for the mention!
    – Ron Perovich

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