Battletech Pilum tank from mechwarrior lego model 5

Pilum Tank from Mechwarrior

Mechwarrior Pilum Tank Background

The Pilum tank is an improved version of the Inner Sphere Striker light tank. It’s bigger, faster, better armored, and has greater firepower. It also retains the wheeled chassis design, despite being classified as a tank. All the things which makes the Striker a good fighting vehicle is also true with the Pilum. It’s low profile, economical construction, good speed, ease of maintenance, and hefty firepower make it a great well rounded war machine. Its turret-mounted LRM launchers should cause plenty of damage to enemy mechs and vehicles. With vehicles like the Pilum tank, I’m not sure why fire support mechs such as the Catapult are even necessary. Wheeled vehicles make so much more sense. Easier to maintain. Cheaper to build. Quicker to design. Don’t ask me why even though I write about mechs I have never really gotten into any of the games. 

The Pilum tank is thinly armored for its 70 ton weight class, but that should not be an issue because it’s intended to be a fire support platform. Rarely should it need to mix it up in direct confrontations, so the need for heavier armor is not great. In fact, if the Pilum were directly attacked by enemy forces, it would mean the front lines have been broken, or it has been deployed where it was not meant to be. Either way, something has gone wrong.

The Pilum Light Tank Lego Model

Primus designed the LEGO model of the Pilum.  Since the build only comprised the chassis and the turret, everything came together very quickly.  Despite the simplicity of the design, I think the results look cool.  The model resembles depictions of the Pilum in Battletech art.  The vehicle looks like it belongs in the 31st Century, but it wouldn’t look out of place in today’s military.  Its fundamental design is classic.  A recommended build. Someone either failed to plan, or their plans failed.

I’m also pleased to report that this is our 50th post on What started as a fun thing to do with my son has gone further than I ever expected. It’s hard to believe we have built that many Lego models. It’s even more difficult to believe that we are only about 1/5 done!

To download building plans for the Pilum light tank Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of aircraft and vehicles similar to the Pilum tank here.

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