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Osiris Mech

Osiris Light Mech Background

Named after the ancient Egyptian god of the underworld, the Osiris mech is an Inner Sphere light mech (30 tons). It’s fast (129 k.p.h.) and well armed (5 extended ranged medium lasers, 1 SRM launcher, and a set of machine guns). Its speed and firepower comes at a cost of poor armor protection. It only has about four tons of armor plating, less than most light battlemechs in its class. This may not be such a huge liability, because it was designed with hit and run tactics in mind. The Osiris can’t take too many punches, so it relies on its speed, maneuverability, and jump capability (albeit anemic) to keep out of trouble. This is not a bad design trade-off for a light mech whose primary mission is reconnaissance. Despite its weak armor, it is nevertheless a distinct improvement over both the Locust and the Wasp, which are both tin cans. There is not much to discuss regarding the Osiris mech‘s battle history because the Osiris is a late model mech that is yet to be thoroughly tested under fire.

Watch this old Mechwarrior 4 gameplay clip featuring the Osiris:


The Osiris Mech Lego Model

The Lego model of the Osiris mech was designed by Primus. It may be hard to believe, but the building process for this model was over two years. It was literally the first model from Brick Commander that I attempted to build. I didn’t have a lot of parts back then, so it was constructed with a bunch of different colored Lego pieces. The results were not too pleasing, and looked like a rainbow warrior project. At that point, I almost gave up on Primus’ designs. They seemed too daunting for my feeble Lego collection, even something relatively simple as the Osiris. Despite the initial setback, I kept on buying and collecting. Anytime I had loose change, it went into purchasing cool Lego pieces. Flash-forward two+ years and now I have enough Lego parts to build almost every mech model. It takes quite a bit of commitment and love for Lego to be able to build mechs which look good. The lime green pieces were especially difficult to collect, because most of them are hard to find, or too expensive to be practical. There won’t be too many lime green models in the future.

The Osiris model was easy to put together. There are no serious issues to report. I like the results much better than the first time around. Although my initial foray into building Lego mechs was inauspicious, I think I’m getting better with each model. For size comparisons, check out the Osiris with the Raptor, Puma, and Gargoyle, which will be featured in future posts.

To download building plans for the Osiris light mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of light mechs similar to the Osiris mech here.

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