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Grendel/Mongrel Mech

Grendel/Mongrel Medium Mech Background

Most people think that a combination of tactics, speed, armor, firepower, and numerical superiority wins battles. Those with the best tactics, fastest vehicles, toughest armor, most firepower, and greatest numbers will always prevail. Not so. The reality is much more mundane than that. Often times, victory favors those with the best supply lines. Many battles have been won or lost on logistics alone. It is no easy thing to keep a force of thousands well fed and armed for a campaign lasting for more than a few days. Without a steady supply of fuel and ammo (beans, band-aids, bullets), the most powerful war machines are nothing more than glorified chairs. When warfighters are not regularly fed, they stop being effective. Napoleon said that an army marches on its stomach. He should know, because he lost enough battles due to supply problems.

The need to make fighting vehicles as efficient as possible, and thus, less dependent on logistics will never go away. The Grendel/Mongrel, a medium (45 tons) Clan mech, was designed with this in mind. It mounts only energy weapons, which includes one ER large laser, three ER medium lasers, and one ER small laser. These weapons will never need reloading as long as the Grendel/Mongrel mech’s fusion reactors are working. If there is juice in the lines, the Grendel/Mongrel mech will pose a threat. For good measure, the mech also has a SRM launcher on its shoulders that does need ammo, but is not necessary for it to fight.

Because it is not dependent on resupply, the Grendel/Mongrel mech is often tasked with leading long range scout missions, where it can probe deep into enemy lines. It has enough firepower so that it can punch its way out of trouble if necessary. Its top speed of 119 k.p.h. is also an asset (very fast for a medium mech), as well as its outstanding jump capabilities. The Grendel is a well designed machine, and has acquitted itself very well in battle. It was originally called the Mongrel by its designers, but earned its new name in battles against Inner Sphere warriors. It is high praise indeed when your enemy gives you a fearsome nickname. That is a sign of respect.

The Grendel/Mongrel Mech Lego Model

The LEGO model of the Grendel was designed by Primus. I’m still in the process of building all the models from Classic Battletech, and the Grendel was next on my list. I’m sure there are many Grendel fans out there, but I’m not one of them. The build itself was straightforward, with no difficult challenges to overcome. I tried several different color combinations before settling on brown/red. I’ve said in the past that I don’t care for mechs without a recognizable cockpit and the Grendel is no exception. The cockpit was buried deep inside the mech’s torso such that it resembles a robot more than a manned machine. Even though this mech doesn’t appeal to me, I hope that others will enjoy the photos of the model.

To download building plans for the Grendel/Mongrel medium mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of medium mechs similar to the Grendel/Mongrel mech here.

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