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Crusader Mech

Crusader Heavy Mech Background

The Crusader, a Star League era heavy mech (65 tons), takes the humanoid design popular with battle mechs to the next level. It was one of the first mechs engineered for close quarters combat, as in street fighting. The Crusader mech was intended to take on other mechs using its arms, hands, legs, etc. Unlike most mechs, it does not bristle with guns or missile launchers. Instead, it has reinforced limbs and extremities, which allow it to fight enemy mechs with its bare hands. To non aficionados of Battletech lore like me, the idea of mech melee combat is preposterous, archaic, and inefficient, but as discussed in future postings, the Crusader mech is not unique in its role as a mech that is designed for melee combat. There is an entire class of mechs that specializes in pummeling other mechs with primitive weapons.

Luckily, the chassis of the Crusader mech is adaptable enough to accept different weapon systems, and later variants of the mech came to be mounted with weapons which are common in the Battletech universe. Jump jets were also added, making this already capable mech even more so. It started life with one specialized ability, and slowly acquired new capabilities to make it more versatile, which is the hallmark of a good weapon system. This mech has taken on almost every role that is required of mechs, including reconnaissance, assault, and anti-air. Although not a superstar mech, the Crusader has had a long and distinguished career, and is held in high esteem by both the Inner Sphere armies which field it and the Clans which face it in battle.

The Crusader Mech Lego Model

Primus designed the Lego model of the Crusader mech featured below. It is one of those models which don’t necessary look good on a computer screen, but is actually very cool when constructed with real bricks. That’s the thing that struck me as I was building this model. Its design is a bit ungainly, but when completed, it truly conveys a powerful physical presence. It has the right amount of heft and sturdiness to be credible as a war machine. I truly enjoyed how it came together so well. Its lines, angles, and proportions were spot on. I hope the photos do it justice, because this model of the Crusader deserves some attention. The good thing is that it doesn’t use hard to find, exotic, or expensive Lego pieces. Some of Primus’ designs can be a real chore to build because the time it takes to hunt down an odd Lego piece which hasn’t been manufactured since the 1990’s. I didn’t have that problem with the Crusader mech.

To download building plans for the Crusader heavy mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of heavy mechs similar to the Crusader mech here.

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