Cougar Mech Lego model-MW4-13

Cougar Mech (Mechwarrior 4)

Cougar Light Mech Background

The Cougar mech was born into hard times. From the beginning, a lack of resources constrained its design. This is because Clan Jade Falcon had just fought a difficult and expensive war against Clan Wolf.  Clan Jade Falcon’s finances and resources were stretched to the limits. They knew they must continue to make advances to their military technology in order to stay competitive, or even relevant, yet they could not afford to design a new omnimech from the ground up. They settled on a redesign of an existing mech, the Adder.

This approach was wise, because the Cougar mech went from the drawing board to field testing with breathtaking speed. Its designers were forced to make compromises, however. For instance, in order to make more room for weapon pods, the engine size had to be reduced. This made the Cougar noticeably slower than the Adder, even though both mechs shared the same chassis. The designers decided the trade off was necessary, because its increased firepower (two large pulse lasers on each arm and two LRM launchers in the torso) made up for its lack of speed. One change which was not welcome was the reduced armor. The Cougar mech can only carry six tons of armor plating or less, a pitiable amount for any mech, regardless of size. Although the Cougar mech has proven its worth in other ways, its well-known lack of armor has marred its reputation. Also, it has no jump jets. That means a Cougar pilot must exploit its firepower advantage decisively and destroy his opponent before taking too much damage.  A Cougar will not do well in a shootout with other mechs.

Watch this old gameplay video of the Cougar mech in action:

The Cougar Mech Lego Model

Like most other Lego models that Primus has designed, the Cougar mech Lego model shown here bears an uncanny resemblance to its depictions in drawings and paintings. This variant of the Cougar mech appears in Mechwarrior 4. In years past, the level of detail of the Lego models would not have been possible due to the blocky nature of classic Lego bricks, but the design of modern Lego pieces, with their slopes, curved wedges, special plates, modified bricks, etc., have opened new doors.  You can now build realistic and highly detailed models which look great, not just blocky representations which only have a vague likeness to their archetypes. The difference is comparable to the pixilated visuals of the Atari 2600 from the 80’s with the latest Xbox or Sony console gaming systems.

I didn’t know much about the Cougar mech when I started this build. I just liked the way it looked, with its huge rounded shoulders and missile launchers in the chest. It looks less like a cougar, and more like the offspring of a linebacker and sumo wrestler. Although nice to display when completed, the Lego model was not very stable. Instead of pins, the legs were attached to the hips with only four studs. It was a challenge to move the model because its legs would fall off at any given moment. For this reason, I would not want to keep it in my permanent collection. Other than this minor quibble, this Lego build is still recommended if you are a Cougar mech fan. There’s another version of the Cougar from classic Battletech that I have on my list of future builds.

To download building plans for the Cougar light mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of light mechs similar to the Cougar mech here.

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