Phoenix Hawk mech Lego model 6

Phoenix Hawk Mech

Phoenix Hawk Medium Mech Background

The Phoenix Hawk mech is a Star League era medium class (45 tons) mech. It is one of the granddaddy mechs in Battletech canon. It has existed in one form or another since the game was first played (if  you scrounge through eBay, you’ll find the box artwork of the original game with a picture this mech on the front cover). For this reason, it is ubiquitous, with tens of thousands of units deployed throughout the Inner Sphere. It is a classic design that is well loved. [Note: The classic Phoenix Hawk design is no longer depicted because of a copyright dispute with the designer.]

The Phoenix Hawk mech is basically a larger, more powerful Stinger, from which its chassis was derived. Like its smaller brethren, the Phoenix Hawk is mainly deployed as a heavy scout in reconnaissance units. It is well suited for this mission, as it has one of the most advanced electronic suites in the Inner Sphere. The technology has since been lost in time, so a Phoenix Hawk with original electronics is highly prized for its ability to cut through the fog of war, even in environments with dense electronic background noise. Its role as a premiere reconnaissance mech is assisted by its top speed of 97 k.p.h. and powerful jump abilities. If it is caught in a tough situation, the Phoenix Hawk and jump out of harm’s way with ease.

Although not designed to be a fighter, the Phoenix Hawk can hold its own against similarly classed mechs. Its one large laser, two medium lasers, and dual machine guns can menace other mechs, and cause their pilots to treat it with due respect. Also, most Phoenix Hawk mech pilots are experienced and well trained, being the cream of the crop, so they will know how to use their mech’s abilities to maximum advantage. Anyone who engages with a Phoenix Hawk should expect a good fight in three dimensions of space.

Watch this gameplay video of the Phoenix Hawk in action:


The Phoenix Hawk Mech Lego Model

Primus designed the featured Lego model of the Phoenix Hawk. I am ambivalent about this model, and consider it average among Primus’ many designs. I did not see anything remarkable about it, so I experimented a little with the color scheme. I built the model using only red/dark red pieces. I don’t know if the results where great, but I’ll let everyone else be the judges.

To download building plans for the Phoenix Hawk medium mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of medium mechs similar to the Phoenix Hawk mech here.

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