Hunchback IIC mech lego model 5

Hunchback IIC Mech

Hunchback IIC Medium Mech Background

The Hunchback IIC mech is a Clan refit of the Inner Sphere Hunchback, a classic design which dates back to the Star League era. The Clans improved on the design by mounting two ultra AC/20 cannons on the shoulders. This weapon system is one of the most powerful in the Clans’ arsenal. The Clans also added jump jets, for greater maneuverability in urban environments. The jump jets make up for the Hunchback IIC mech’s low top speed of only 60 k.p.h. The Clans did not improve the survivability of the mech, which only has six tons of armor, a paltry amount for a medium class (50 tons) mech. The clan refit essentially produced a heavily armed flying tin can.

The design of the Hunchback IIC mech fits with the Clans’ fighting philosophy—go for broke, or die trying. There is little in the way of pilot protection, and life support systems are rudimentary. The reality is that most Hunchback IIC pilots aren’t expected to survive battle. Their mission is to take out one or more enemy mechs and go down with guns blazing. Their ranks are made of washed up fighters who are on a career downslope. Piloting a Hunchback IIC offers them a last chance to make something of themselves, or die gloriously. Those who are smart and ambitious will learn to take full advantage of the mech’s best strength—its devastating autocannons. This weapon is the great equalizer. The Hunchback IIC also has a slim profile, making it ideally suited for crawling around urban environments. It can hide in alleyways and places where other mechs cannot fit, making it the perfect urban ambusher. Like any other weapon system, the Hunchback IIC mech in the hands of a skilled pilot can be a potent adversary.

On the other hand, those pilots who are resigned to death will find that the Hunchback IIC can be accommodating. Its ammo load is as light as its armor. When ammo for the AC/20 cannons run out, the mech only has two extended range medium lasers to defend itself. Considering its weak armor, a Hunchback IIC relying only on its secondary weapons is no match for most medium mechs and even light mechs. Nonetheless, Inner Sphere mechwarriors who encounter a Hunchback IIC should always be ready for a ferocious scrap, because its pilot is ready to fight to the death.

Check out this video which demonstrates the killing power of the Hunchback IIC mech’s ultracannons:

The Hunchback IIC Mech Lego Model

The Lego model of the Hunchback IIC was designed by Primus. I didn’t have high expectations going into the build, but I found the results to be oddly cool, even with the Franken-feet. It came together nicely, and expresses the look and feel of the mech from Battletech canon. I didn’t have the pieces which make up the lower leg, so I improvised a little. Other than this modification, I built the model almost direct from the plans. Being a straight legged mech, there are no stability issues to report. I have been collecting decorated slopes, tiles, and bricks, and think they add a dose of color and realism to the models. I only wish there was a greater assortment of decorated Lego pieces. Overall, a recommended build of a classic design.

To download building plans for the Hunchback IIC medium mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of medium mechs similar to the Hunchback IIC mech here.

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