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Locust Mech

Locust Light Mech Background

A single locust by itself barely counts as nuisance. It can be crushed with two fingers. But, as any farmer in the Midwestern U.S. can attest, a swarm of locusts can only mean trouble. The grasshopper-like bugs can wreak massive destruction in a short period of time, stripping an entire field of crops within hours. The tiny locusts, when operating within a swarm, are nearly unstoppable. There is very little defense against them.

For this reason, the Locust mech from the Battletech universe is aptly named. It is the most common mech within the Inner Sphere, as well as the smallest mech in service (20 tons).  Its weaknesses are well known—a lack of armor or serious firepower, and legs which could be taken out with a well placed fart. Nonetheless, like its real life namesake, Locust mechs acting together using swarming techniques are nearly unstoppable. Each Locust mech may not have much punch, but that fact will be lost upon you as you try to defend against a swarm that is zapping you to pieces. Death by a thousand zaps is an ignoble way to go, but it can happen when dealing with a Locust swarm. This is really the only way for Locusts to engage other mechs. Because a Locust mech can be destroyed with a single shot from most mech weapons, a Locust pilot who tries to do a Rambo on another mech is courting suicide.

The best role for the Locust is not offensive, but rather, light reconnaissance (the role for which the Locust was originally designed). This is where its great speed (129 k.p.h.) will be most useful. Although its weaponry has been upgraded several times since its inception in 2499, Locusts should not be confused with brawlers. Even with more potent guns, it is still a light mech with weak armor. One pilot affectionately refers to his Locust as a “garbage can with firepower.” No truer words have been spoken about this mech. A wise commander who cares about attrition should keep its limitations in mind when deploying Locusts on missions.

Watch this gameplay video of the Locust in action:


The Locust Mech Lego Model

The Lego model of the Locust mech depicted here was designed by Ron Perovich and is featured on Brick Commander. Let me be honest and say that it was a bit of a chore to build this model, but not because the plans were so complicated. They were actually simple and straightforward. I’m no Locust mech fan, so I completed it out of a sense of duty more than anything else. The Locust mech is well known and respected in the Battletech universe, so it was time I featured a Lego model on this site. There are several other variants of the Locust which I’m more interested in building, but the Classic Battletech version deserves to come first. Consider this post a first among many anticipated posts about the Locust mech.

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