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Highlander Mech

Highlander Assault Mech Background

When you have a death maneuver named after you, you’re something special. Such is the case with the Highlander mech, and the maneuver is called the “Highlander burial.” Every type of combat game has its own version of a humiliating death. In the Battletech universe, it’s death from above, where a jump-jetting enemy mech lands on top of yours. Instant lights out. This tactic requires great skill, precision, and of course, jump jets. The Highlander mech takes this to the next level, on account of it being 90 tons. The victim of a Highlander burial is practically guaranteed a horrible death. There’s not much that can survive being crushed with 90 tons of steel dropping from great heights. The only consolation is that you needn’t worry about burial expenses, because most likely you’re deep in the ground already, with the mangled remains of your cockpit as a cozy casket. The Highlander mech is especially good at death from above because its jump jets can be redirected mid-flight to track a moving target. Also, it has reinforced armor in its legs to withstand the force of impact.

The Highlander’s design dates back to the Star League era. It was first introduced in the late 2500’s. Except for a few weapon upgrades, it has remained unchanged for over 600 years. Even the Clans made only slight modifications when they created their own version of the Highlander. Although its primary role is that of an assault mech, it found a niche in defending urban areas and garrisons. It is a slow mech with a top speed of only 54 k.p.h., but in an urban environment, its lack of speed is non issue because there would be little opportunity for any mech pilot to open up the throttle anyway. Its jump jets allow it to leap over buildings and obstacles, making it extremely maneuverable for an assault class mech. The Highlander mech’s only serious limitation is its need for regular ammo resupplies because its primary weapon is a massive gauss rifle. It also has missile launchers in its torso. The gauss rifle is great at tearing through armor, but uses slugs that must be replaced. For this reason, the Highlander cannot operate far from base.

The Highlander Mech Lego Model

The Lego model of the Highlander was created by Primus. Luke didn’t care too much for it, but I thought it looks cool. It’s been a while since I constructed an assault mech, so I forgot how time consuming they can be. It’s ridiculous how many pieces are needed. The Highlander was no exception. Otherwise, I have no real complaints to report. It was sturdy and stable, except that the gauss rifle is very heavy and tends to pull the torso to one side. The faceted black Lego pieces which make up the feet and hips are becoming increasing rare. Even on Bricklink, there are only few stores which still carry them. If you don’t already have them in your collection, it will be difficult to complete the Highlander model, as well as many other Primus designed models. Hopefully, Lego will come out with another kit which uses this piece in the future.

To download building plans for the Highlander assault mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of assault mechs similar to the Highlander mech here.

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