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Chimera Mech

Chimera Medium Mech Background

By most accounts, the Chimera mech is a capable medium class (40 tons) mech that has the speed to keep up with light mechs. It was designed to augment the firepower of light mech reconnaissance units without slowing them down. Ideally, the Chimera should be used as a backup mech in case one of the lead scout mechs gets into trouble by encountering something bigger than it can handle. In such situations, the Chimera mech could run interference by using its firepower while its smaller lance mate makes a getaway. Then, it would do the same, using its superior speed (97 k.p.h.) and jump jets to outpace enemy mechs. Chimera pilots should not hold their ground to brawl, because while it has some decent firepower for a medium mech (1 extended range large laser, 1 extended range medium laser, 1 MRM launcher, and 1 machine gun), its armor is no better than that of a light mech. This tactic, when used properly, ensures that everyone comes home in one piece. In a tight knit group, every warfighter matters. A loss of just one scout can be devastating. Reconnaissance units often build their reputations on their high level of professionalism, esprit de corps, and ability to get out of tough situations unscathed. They prefer to leave battlefield heroics to medal chasers.

The Chimera mech only recently made its debut, after a long development period, so it does not have a well established battle history. However, it should do fine if Inner Sphere commanders keep it in its intended role.  Sometimes the key to the success or failure of a weapons system is finding the right niche for its use. An obscure vehicle fielded by the U.S.  Marines in the 1960’s called the Ontos comes to mind. It was designed as a light tank killer, but found success as an urban fire support vehicle. Its recoilless rifles were used to blow holes through building walls, which made urban combat manageable. The Ontos was unloved as a tank killer, but was widely appreciated as a destroyer of buildings where bad guys hid.

Check out this demo video of the Chimera mech and its jump jet capabilities taking on a Masakari:

The Chimera Mech Lego Model

Primus designed the LEGO model of the Chimera mech below. The model captures a very good likeness of the Chimera as depicted in Battletech illustrations. It was an easy and enjoyable build, where I made almost no modifications (except for the ankle joints, where I used friction hinges). I even kept to the tan color scheme, which I rarely do (mostly because of parts availability). The Chimera is the first tan LEGO model that is featured here. It’s a versatile color, and you should be seeing more in the future. I also liked the cockpit design, which is actually functional.  I dig asymmetrical torsos, and the Chimera is no exception. Overall, a highly recommended build.

To download building plans for the Chimera medium mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of medium mechs similar to the Chimera mech here.

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