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Warhammer Mech

Warhammer Heavy Mech Background

The Warhammer mech has a lot to live up to. Its name, for one. A war hammer from medieval times was one of the most effective hand held weapons. It was designed to inflict a devastating blow against well armored knights. A head strike with a war hammer against an opponent, even one wearing a helmet, would likely cause death due to the concussive nature of the weapon. Its bone crushing power was legendary. It was developed because armor became more and more strong, thus rendering many weapons, such as swords and even axes, less effective.

This single minded purposefulness of use is also the case with the Warhammer mech. It was designed with one mission in mind—to kill other heavily armored mechs at maximum range. Ironically, the war hammer of ancient times is strictly a melee weapon. But the Warhammner mech doesn’t need to get too close and personal to do its work. It is essentially a mobile fire platform for long range weapons. Pure firepower is what the Warhammer mech is about. Its distinctive arm mounted particle projector cannons (PPC) announce its purpose without ambiguity. This mech means business of the killing kind. It’s an old-school gunslinger. For centuries, the Warhammer mech earned a reputation as one of the most feared and lethal mechs in the Inner Sphere. It has tremendous stature, and anyone who has even a glancing knowledge of the Battletech universe knows about the Warhammer. Thanks to a continuous program of upgrades, this will remain the case indefinitely. Future posts will feature some of the modifications to Warhammer mech’s venerable design.

The Warhammer mech, however, does have its weaknesses. Specifically, it has relatively weak armor (about 10 tons) for a mech in the heavy class (70 tons). Its frame was crammed with weapons, leaving less space for armor. This weakness can be exploited if an enemy is able to quickly close in on a Warhammer, where its PPCs are less effective. This is easier said than done, because surviving a barrage from its twin PPCs is no simple matter. Luckily for its enemies, the Warhammer is also slow, with a top speed of only 64 k.p.h. A skilled pilot in a fast and maneuverable mech can take out a Warhammer. Likewise for a heavily armored assault mech. The Warhammer cannot trade blows with bigger and better armed mechs. In fact, it has been eclipsed by the most recent heavy and assault class mechs.

The Warhammer Mech Lego Model

The Warhammer mech Lego model depicted below is another Primus design. A Battletech related site would not be complete without the Warhammer. That was my primary purpose of building this model. I have no real complaints about the model because it came together without any serious problems. But then, nothing blew my mind either. The Lego model uses a lot of standard bricks and slopes, so it’s not too hard to source. That is the best thing about it. I like it overall, but it is not one of my favorites. There are other variations of the Warhammer which I’m looking forward to build more. The Classic Battletech version is the granddaddy of them all, so it only makes sense to start with this one. Note that this variant of the Warhammer design does not appear in any games due to copyright disputes with the designers. In the future, the other versions will be posted, so stay tuned. If you’re a Warhammer fan, this Lego model is only to whet your appetite.

To download building plans for the Warhammer mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of heavy mechs similar to the Warhammer mech here.

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8 thoughts on “Warhammer Mech

  1. Looks like too many missiles in the launcher. It should have 6, not 12, so that might need to be passed on to Primus.

    Of course you could also pop off the SRM launcher, drop the machine guns and you have yourself the -6D version, one of the best Heavy Mechs, if not Mechs in general of old school play.

  2. Hey! So awesome. I’ve used Bricklink awhile and love BrickCommander; any tips for easier ways adding parts to want lists? It’s tedious. Or, do you have any want lists (for any battlemechs) that you’d share? I’d even paypal you if you like.

    Just sucks having to add brick by brick xD

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