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Striker Light Tank from Mechwarrior

Mechwarrior Striker Light Tank

The Striker light tank looks exactly like what it is—a cheap, mass produced missile platform. It is fielded by Inner Sphere armies. Although it is classified in the Battletech world as a “light tank,” I have a hard time considering anything without tracks to be a tank. The Striker light tank was designed without tracks for a reason—wheels are cheaper to produce, install, and maintain. This is true. Tracked vehicles have their advantages, but require a lot of specialized equipment to fix if the tracks come apart. Most battle repairs to a wheel can easily be done in the field by a two-man crew. Track repairs, on the other hand, can be beastly. In this sense, the designers of the Striker light tank made some good compromises.

The Striker light tank wouldn’t be out of place in today’s military. It looks a lot like a mobile rocket launcher. I can see how a squad of Strikers can cause a lot of destruction, especially if they use guided missiles. Talk about more bang for your buck. This vehicle makes a lot of sense. Cheap, small, fast, powerful. The low profile is also a huge advantage. What more in a military vehicle can one ask for? To borrow a well worn motto: “Keep It Simple Stupid.” If a Striker is pitted against a mech, I wouldn’t necessarily put my money on the mech coming our ahead. In fact, I think the Striker will do very well against any type of mech.

I know it is blasphemy to say this in the Battletech world, but having bipedal walkers as military vehicles is kinda dumb. Sure they may have their advantages in limited situations, but it makes no sense to have almost all of your military hardware based on mechs. The idea is cool if you love giant robots as much as I do, but war always necessitates practical solutions, not fantasies. Truth be told, mechs are nothing more than fantasies because their limitations will become apparent the first time they are engaged in battle. They have too many deficiencies that no sensible army will every deploy them. That’s all that I’m going to say on this subject for now.

The Striker Light Tank Lego Model

Primus designed the Lego model of the Striker light tank featured here. I built it because I wanted to add more models of vehicles to this site, and to try out my new green Lego collection. For a Primus design, it was fairly elemental, with not a whole lot going on. I think because it was one of the very first models on Brick Commander. I changed the front end and used 2×4 slopes instead of 2×3 slopes to give it a more rakish profile. Instead of plates for the roof section, I used four of the 4×4 (car hood) wedges. I hate visible studs, especially on vehicles. I also added details to the sides and missile launcher to break up the flat surfaces. Military vehicles are usually bristling with ports, handles, racks, grilles, etc. The flat sides of the model were too clean for my taste.

Overall, it is a simple straightforward design that won’t leave you scrambling for Lego pieces. You won’t be needing anything too exotic to complete the Striker. If you don’t have the pieces to build the Striker model, don’t bother attempting any of the Primus’ other designs, with their reliance on advanced construction techniques and hard to find Lego elements. [Note that this model has four wheels.  Some alternate depictions of the Striker show six wheels.]

To download building plans for the Striker light tank Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of Battletech vehicles similar to the Striker light tank here.

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