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Marauder IIC Mech (Age of Destruction)

Marauder IIC Assault Mech Background

This post about the Marauder IIC mech is a bit unusual for two reasons. First, I cannot positively identify this model. On Brick Commander, Primus indicates that it is a custom variant of the Marauder IIC piloted by Judith Faber. I have reasons for believing that Primus might be incorrect because Judith Faber was an Inner Sphere pilot. I’m not sure why she would be piloting a Clan mech. I understand she was on some type of undercover mission, but I don’t know all the details. Also, none of the variants of the Marauder IIC mounts a rotary autocannon on its torso, as this model does. However, there are Inner Sphere variants of the Marauder II which do. Therefore, coupled with the fact that Judith Faber was an Inner Sphere pilot, and only Inner Sphere Marauder II’s mount rotary cannons, I tend to believe that the LEGO model depicted here is actually a Marauder II variant. The only thing which I’m more or less sure about is that this variant appeared in the Age of Destruction game. So, I’m asking all the Battletech experts out there to help me out. Tell me what you think this model represents, and why. 

The second reason why this post is unusual is because for the first time, we have been able to construct a Lego model that is not downloadable from Brick Commander. Primus was kind enough to directly send us the plans for this model, which he designed but has not made available to everyone. It was a great privilege indeed for us to be entrusted with the plans. As far as I know, this model has never been built with physical Lego bricks before, so this post could be considered a world-wide exclusive.

Let me just say this—Primus absolutely outdid him with this Lego design. It truly is a magnificent model in every way. We’ve already constructed his models of the Marauder and Marauder IIC, but this one sets the bar to extreme heights. It puts the others (although very good designs) to shame. You’d have to be a blind person not to be able to appreciate the detailing, intricate design work, and elegant beauty of this model. I hope the photos do it justice, because if you ever saw this model in person, it would stop you in your tracks. It would surely make Battletech and Lego fans giddy and weak-kneed.

The Marauder IIC Mech Lego Model

The completed Lego model of the Marauder IIC measures over 16 inches (41 cm) tall. Despite its size and complexity, it had no stability problems. When I first saw the finished torso and how large it was, I had my doubts that the thing would be able to stand, especially since it has the notoriously unstable chicken legs. However, I was wrong because this model was as sure footed as much smaller models. This is truly a demonstration of Primus’ design skills. I don’t know how he does it, but I’m glad he did, because I had a great time seeing it come together.

Although the model was constructed of over 2,500 Lego pieces, it was a fairly easy build, taking me about 8 hours to complete. I made very few modifications, one of them being the color scheme. The Judith Faber custom variant has a white/dark blue color scheme. Since I don’t have a lot of dark blue bricks, I changed the colors to white/dark red, which looks just as snazzy. Also, I added internal bracing to the inside of the torso, which was mostly hollow. Although the hollowness saved weight, it made the torso a bit flimsy. The additional bracing gave the torso greater structural rigidity, but didn’t add too much weight as to make the model unbalanced.

In summary, this LEGO model, whatever it may be, is fantastic and a joy to put together. I am proud to be able to showcase it on this site. This one goes out to all the Battletech and Lego fans, and to Primus, of course.

To download building plans for the Marauder IIC assault mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of assault mechs similar to the Marauder IIC mech here.

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15 thoughts on “Marauder IIC Mech (Age of Destruction)

  1. According to our ComStar archives, the ‘Mech in question has been salvaged on the Smoke Jaguar home world of Huntress by elements of the 2nd ComGuards Division in March 3060 during Operation Serpent. Defending Clan forces were equipped with mostly outdated and 2nd-line equipment, so in hindsight, encountering refits of Inner Sphere designs shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

    This particular Mech was too badly damaged to be put back into service immediately, but was brought back to the Inner Sphere and, after a thorough refit, given to Adept Judith Faber in appreciation of her vital role in discovering the jump route to the Clans’ home worlds in 3057.

    ComStar knows all.


    How comes this ‘Mech ended up as a MW Dark Age figure? I believe Wizkids had the idea to create “Legendary” figures based on important MechWarriors from the past …

  2. I was hoping to hear from the Man himself. Well, Primus, thank you for setting me straight. Why did I ever doubt you in the first place?

    Glad to know you’re still tracking us. We just finished your Atlas MW4 model last weekend, and the thing was insanely large. The upper leg alone was taller than the Chimera model I had built but hadn’t photographed yet. Have 4 other models to post before the Atlas.

    BTW, I’m collecting parts for the Ares. Have to order from Europe because the stores in the US don’t have sufficient quantities of some of hard to find slopes. This will probably be a 2-month endeavor.

  3. As a thought – might the MW:AoD sculpt (and thus Primus’ model) be based on the Marauder IIC 5 variant? It mounts a HAG-20 in the left torso which, given the descriptive text, could be interprtated as a multi-barrel/rotary weapon.

    Just a thought – great model though and great work!

    1. Thanks. I looked at several variants of the Marauder II and IIC, and it was the rotary cannon that always threw me off. Your guess is as good as mine, but I would have to defer to Primus on this one.

  4. How do you get some of the designs that are not available for dled on the brickcommander sight really interested in some of the designs but cant get them. (like the Zeus, Thug etc)

  5. Awesome to hear that Primus is still actively working with Mech’s.

    brickcommander looks a little unloved these days :/

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