Lao-Hu mech lego model 1

Lao Hu Mech

Lao-Hu Heavy Mech Background

Although the Lao-Hu mech is classified as a heavy (75 tons) mech, it is designed to engage and destroy assault class mechs which outweigh it by at least 10 tons. Its massive shoulder mounted autocannon speaks volumes about the meaning of the Lao-Hu’s existence. There’s zero confusion about its life’s purpose. It is a big mean killing machine in every sense of the words. Although the Lao-Hu mech can destroy smaller opponents with a single shot of its autocannon, this mech is meant for bigger and badder things in life. Lao-Hu means “tiger” in Chinese, and its prey are the lumbering assault mechs which populate the battlefield. 

The Lao-Hu mech’s autocannon can strip away armor like a tiger shredding meat, or a monkey peeling a banana. Its torso mounted LRM-15 launchers with variable range ammunition can cause hurting at all distances, from short to long. The extended range large laser on its left arm can be brought into action when ammo for its other weapons runs out. That means this mech is always dangerous, regardless of its ammo situation. An assault mech in the Lao-Hu’s sights shouldn’t expect its ammo to run out too soon, because it carries enough ammo to destroy 2-4 assault class mechs before needing a reload.

Another one of the Lao-Hu mech’s strengths (its top speed of 85 k.p.h.) plays against the main weakness of most assault mechs—sluggishness. It can run circles around its adversaries, blasting away with impunity as the bigger mechs try in vain to line up a good shot. Even if it does get hit, its twelve tons of armor plating give ample protection from most attacks. Using proper slashing tactics, Lao-Hu pilots can easily outlast bigger and more heavily armored foes. With its combination of speed, firepower, and armor, it is easy to see why this versatile and powerful mech became so popular so quickly.

The Lao-Hu Mech Lego Model

Primus designed the Lego model of the Lao-Hu mech below. Top heavy is a good description. Although the model had no stability issues, the weight of its massive left arm pulled it towards the left somewhat. Imagine a person walking with a heavy suitcase. I had to change the build of the arm to make it stronger in order to support the weight of the laser pod. The reason I wanted to build this model is because I like the appearance of the autocannon, which by itself is bigger than many light mechs. The thing looks mean. Overall, I was happy with how the model turned out. Recommended build for Lao-Hu fans.

To download building plans for the Lao-Hu heavy mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of heavy mechs similar to the Lao-Hu mech here.

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