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Firemoth/Dasher Mech

Firemoth/Dasher Light Mech Background

After building and writing about the Age of Destruction variant of the Marauder IIC, anything else would be a little anticlimactic. However, the task of building every Battletech Lego model from Brick Commander must continue. We now come to the Firemoth mech. I have no great affection for this mech, but I am making a concerted effort to complete all the models from the Classic Battletech series as soon as possible. So far, there hasn’t been any rhyme or reason to my posting (other than parts availability), but I’m going to start imposing a structure: Classic Battletech first. I don’t know if this is true or not, but my guess is that Primus first began his design work on the Classic Battletech mechs. There is a distinct difference in the quality of the designs of the models from the Classic Battletech series compared to those from the MechWarrior 4, Project Phoenix, and Age of Destruction series. The latter are more intricate and complex, revealing a higher level of skill and expertise. There seems to be an obvious progression. Without trying to sound too pretentious, it’s like seeing the developing maturity in a musician’s work. [except for the Rolling Stones, who started off awesome but declined decade after decade]

The Firemoth mech (aka “Dasher” in the Inner Sphere) is a light mech that serves one primary purpose—fast recon. It is one of the fastest mech ever fielded by either the Clans or the Inner Sphere, with a top speed of 216 k.p.h. with the MASC system engaged (162 k.p.h. without). The bad thing is that it sacrifices armor protection for this speed. It is notorious for having almost no armor. The good thing is that because it is so fast, it is hard to hit, thus, it doesn’t need as much armor. This was the design philosophy of the Japanese Zero fighter, which was good for a couple of years until technology caught up to it and its lack of armor became a glaring weakness. Frankly, I generally don’t care too much about any vehicle’s raw top speed.  An advantage of a few k.p.h. is not really a big deal tactically. Wars are not fought on racetracks. They are fought on rough terrain which prevents most vehicles from achieving top speed. Another reason why raw speed is overrated is because no matter how fast you can run, you’re never going to be faster than a missile, an incoming round, or a laser beam.

What the Firemoth mech doesn’t sacrifice is firepower, because it packs enough zing (2 extended range medium lasers, and 2 SRM launchers) to take out most light mechs and infantry with ease. It can also harass medium mechs by outflanking them using its speed, taking potshots, and running away before getting scratched. Do this enough times and even the mightiest can be fallen.

The Firemoth/Dasher Mech Lego Model

The LEGO model of the Firemoth mech below was designed by Primus. Although Luke thinks it looks cool, I don’t find myself being too excited by it. Probably because of the dorky arms which are always raised like it’s surrendering. This is not Primus’ fault, because apparently, that’s how the Firemoth’s arms are positioned according to Battletech canon. I realized while writing this that a bright yellow/orange color scheme for a recon mech is probably not a good idea, but oh well. Lego doesn’t come in camo pattern, yet. To all the Firemoth/Dasher fans out there who think I gave your favorite mech short shrift, tell me why I don’t appreciate this mech enough.

To download building plans for the Firemoth light mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of light mechs similar to the Firemoth or Dasher mech here.

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