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Black Lanner Mech

Black Lanner Medium Mech Background

Only Clan Jade Falcon fields the Black Lanner mech, a medium class (55 tons) omnimech. A lanner is a type of falcon, so it is consistent with Clan Jade Falcon’s practice of naming its mechs after birds of prey. The Black Lanner is first and foremost a fire support mech, with a mission that is similar to that of the Inner Sphere Bushwhacker. The Black Lanner is designed with long range fighting in mind.  Its primary weapons normally consist of one extended range large laser and a LRM-10 launcher. It is capable of launching a volley of 40 missiles at a time, enough to kill most mechs. For close fighting, it relies on two extended range medium lasers and a SRM-6 launcher. With this loadout, it is better equipped than its Inner Sphere counterpart for close encounters.

For a fire support mech, the Black Lanner mech is very fast and agile, with a MASC assisted top speed of 151 k.p.h. (119 k.p.h. without MASC). It is able to rotate its torso a full 360 degrees to engage enemies. Although these capabilities are not necessary when it occupies the fire support role, in close combat situations, they could spell the difference between surviving and becoming a scrap heap. The Black Lanner mech often times is seen operating in tandem with the smaller Fire Falcon, with the Fire Falcon taking on the role of flushing out hidden enemy mechs while the Black Lanner uses its long range weapons to destroy them. When used properly, this tag-team approach can be devastating. Because of its recent vintage and limited deployment, the Black Lanner is not as well known as other Battletech mechs. However, it is a solid design that can hold its own against almost all other mechs in its class.

The Black Lanner Mech Lego Model

The featured LEGO model of the Black Lanner mech was designed by Primus. I have a fondness for missile racks and asymmetrical torso designs, so it has been on my build list for a long time. However, the plans required an 8x6x3 curved canopy piece in black, which LEGO does not make. I built it anyway, replacing it with a two 4x6x2 curved black wedge pieces, which although more rakish, does not change the appearance of the model too much. Actually, I like the results better. I think the legs are a bit on the heavy side, but they do offer a firm foundation for the large torso, making stability a non-issue. Overall, the model has a well balanced, almost organic look. Not quite as bird-like as the Gyrfalcon, but still very cool. The cockpit, with its large glass surface, resembles a fighter plane (although some Black Lanner fans might complain that this aspect deviates too much from its depictions in Battletech canon). I like this model a lot. Another well realized design from Primus.

To download building plans for the Black Lanner medium mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of medium mechs similar to the Black Lanner mech here.

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