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Battle Cobra Mech

Battle Cobra Medium Mech Background

The Battle Cobra mech is a solid, though unremarkable medium class (40 tons) mech. It is not extremely well armored. Its firepower, consisting of a pair of large and small pulse lasers is good, but not fantastic, and its top speed of 97 k.p.h. is respectable. Although the Battle Cobra mech is only fielded by Clan Steel Vipers, it is nevertheless a familiar design because it has been in continuous production since the 27th Century. Several centuries of service life probably means you’re doing something right, even if not everything you do is spectacular. There were reports that ComStar reverse-engineered a salvaged Battle Cobra, but such a mech has not been spotted in action.

The Battle Cobra is an omnimech, so it offers flexibility in its weapon loadout. For instance, some variants mount extended range particle projector cannons in place of the large lasers. However, it can only accept weapon pods in its arms, as its torso does not contain any weapon mounts. This unusual design feature makes the mech easy to field maintain, but can pose problems in combat situations. The Battle Cobra’s arms, like most other mechs, are points of vulnerability. A Battle Cobra with damaged arms becomes practically defenseless because all its weapons are clustered there. I would have no fangs. Its only option in such situations is to retreat as quickly as possible, because it would be no more deadly than an ice cream truck.

The Battle Cobra Mech Lego Model

Primus designed the Battle Cobra mech Lego model depicted here. It was an easy build. The only “hard to find” piece was the LEGO panels for the chest. It was hard to find in the sense that it only came in yellow, which severely limited the color combinations for the model. There was no way to substitute the piece because LEGO does not make anything else remotely similar to such panels. The model would not look like a Battle Cobra if I changed the look of the torso. Luckily, had plenty of the panel pieces in good condition in stock for decent prices. Again, this is the place to go to search for and buy individual Lego pieces. Overall, the model is a great representation of the Battle Cobra, especially the two prominent torso “hoods.” Despite the number of models I have constructed so far, I am still amazed by modern Lego pieces (and Primus’ use of them). When I was a kid, this model would not have been possible. But now, it is almost routine.

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