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Vulture Mech/Mad Dog (Mechwarrior 4)

Vulture/Mad Dog Mech Background

Although designated the Mad Dog by its Clan designers, the name never really caught on. This heavy (60 tons) mech is better known by its  Inner Sphere moniker, Vulture. This is probably the case because the Vulture mech looks nothing like a dog, and more like the flying carrion feeder. Its protruding torso with an enormous nose section which sits between two massive shoulders give it a hunched over look. More like a vulture than canine. Its reverse jointed legs add to its bird-like appearance. 

The Vulture mech‘s semblance to a real vulture is enhanced even further by its pilots’ practice of perching on top of high bluffs or cliffs overlooking the battlefield. This practice is not really intended to imitate the behavior of a vulture (although the dread it causes is a bonus), but is based on sound tactical principles. The Vulture is a fire support mech first and foremost. Its primary weapons are its shoulder mounted LRM 20 launchers. The Vulture picks apart enemy mechs at extreme ranges from high ground while its lance mates close in for the kill. It’s capable of inflicting serious hurt on any enemy mech that is unlucky enough to get locked on its targeting computer. As with all fire support mechs, a Vulture is most often seen away from the thickest parts of the battlefield.

While not really designed for close quarters combat due to its relatively weak armor, the Vulture can still hold its own. Many Vultures are configured with a pair of large lasers on each arm, as well as two medium lasers in a chin turret. This makes the Vulture mech a lethal opponent in any situation. The Vulture also can fire even in full retreat, due to its ability to completely rotate its torso. Therefore, dueling with a Vulture mech can be a tough proposition. When cornered, a Vulture begins to act more like its Mad Dog official designation rather than its nickname. Check out the great video below of the Vulture in action.

The Vulture Mech Lego Model

The Vulture mech Lego model featured here was designed by Primus, and represents the version of the Vulture that appears in MechWarrior 4. I’m starting to sound like a skipping CD, but the plan Primus created were nearly flawless. The model looks amazingly like depictions of the Vulture in drawings, schematics, and other artwork. Watch the video above and see for yourself. The only things I modified were the cockpit glass, and the hinged train doors used on top of the shoulders. These parts are hard to come by, so I replaced them with a simple hinged plate. I actually built this model in two color schemes, yellow and blue, to test them out.  Not sure which one I prefer, so I will include both in the photo gallery. Highly recommended build of an iconic mech design.

To download building plans for the Vulture heavy mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of heavy mechs similar to the Vulture/Mad Dog mech here.

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  1. AWESOME! It looks just like in the video game! Is there anyone out there who knows if this is on Lego Digital Designer download? Is there a way to buy or download this epic model?

    1. It is not a Lego Digital Designer download. You can’t buy this model, but you can get the plans for it at

    1. Hi Ken, for obvious reasons, I would prefer not to broadcast my income on the Internet. 🙂 However, you will receive an email from me and we can discuss more if you want.

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