Stalking Spider Mech

Stalking Spider Mech Background

The Stalking Spider mech, a Clan medium class mech (50 tons), is another quad legged design that occasionally appears in the Battletech universe. Any discussion of a quad legged mech always includes an obligatory comment about how mech pilots dislike quad legged designs for one reason or another. This always begs the question: Why? Do mech pilots like getting shot? Do they prefer to stride into battle in something that is three stories tall, and thus, the biggest target in the battlefield? Most military vehicles are designed with a low profile in order to reduce visibility, but mechs engineers routinely ignore this cardinal rule. There’s also the issue of redundancy. A quad legged mech that loses one leg can probably still limp home. A bipedal mech that loses a leg will lie helplessly on the battlefield as salvagers pick through its remains. It goes without saying that if I were a mech pilot, I would prefer to drive something such as the Stalking Spider mech, which offers less of a target than pretty much anything else in the Battletech universe.  

Except for the Thunder Fox and Scorpion, the Clans don’t have a storied tradition of building quad legged mechs. The Stalking Spider only came about because Clan scientists studied the wreckage of an Inner Sphere Tarantula. In typical Clan fashion, they made the design bigger and better by adding more armor, weaponry, and jump jets. A Tarantula that runs into its Clan cousin would most likely be toast. The Stalking Spider boasts an extended range PPC, two medium pulse lasers, and two SRM-4 launchers. With over eight tons of armor, it can stand toe-to-toe with most medium mechs. It actually has an advantage because it has more toes to stand on. With a top speed of 119 k.p.h. (using MASC), jump capability of over 150 meters, serious firepower, and lower than normal profile, the Stalking Spider is a foe to be reckoned with. My estimation is that it is a much more deadly weapon system than what it is given credit for. Prejudice is often born out of irrational beliefs, and the prejudice against quad legged mechs proves this point. The other Clan pilots with their snobby attitudes can get their two legged mechs shot out from underneath them while I continue to stalk the battlefield in my Spider, inflicting pain and suffering on the enemy while living to talk about it.

The Stalking Spider Mech Lego Model

The Lego model of the Stalking Spider mech below was designed by Primus. It fully captures the distinct profile of the Stalking Spider. Although a medium mech, it sits very close the ground, and is only about 4X as tall as Ralph the trusty mech mechanic. Most medium mech models can be 10X taller. I made modifications to the leg design by replacing the wonky ball-socket joints on the hips with Technic friction joints with pins. They provide much better stability and offer almost the same amount of freedom of movement (I was able to pose it on three legs). The modifications did not change the look of the model that much. Overall, it is cool model of a quad legged design. I wish there were more such mechs. With the Stalking Spider completed, I think there may be less than a handful of other quad legged designs out of hundreds of Battletech mechs.

To download building plans for the Stalking Spider medium mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of medium mechs similar to the Stalking Spider mech here.

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  1. ”This always begs the question: why? Do mech pilots like getting shot? Do they prefer to stride into battle in something that is three stories tall, and thus, the biggest target in the battlefield? ”

    So true!

    My favourite, by far!

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