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Lobo Mech

Lobo Mech Background

The development of the Lobo mech can be be understood through the idea that weapons manufacturers often like to scale up or scale down proven designs in order to take full advantage of mature technology and manufacturing processes. The AK-47 and AR-15 assault rifles are examples of this philosophy. There are so many sizes/variants of these two familiar designs that it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all. It’s hard to believe from its appearance, but the Lobo mech is supposed to be a scaled down version of Clan Wolf’s Mad Cat (aka Timber Wolf). Actually, it’s a medium sized version (40 tons) of the Mad Cat’s proven weapon system comprised of missiles and energy weapons. It was only made possible with the introduction of the Advanced Tactical Missile (ATM) launcher, of which the Lobo mech mounts one launcher on top of each shoulder. The ATM can be loaded with either long or short-range missiles, depending on the tactical need.

The Lobo medium mech is also armed with one extended range heavy laser on its chest, two heavy medium lasers on its arms, and one heavy small laser on its torso. For a medium mech on the lighter end of the scale, this is some serious firepower, rivaling some heavy mechs. It has over seven tons of armor, so it is no paper tiger. Its armaments and armor are respectable. With this type of loadout, this mech is too good to be true, right? Maybe, because the trade-off is in the number of heat sinks it can carry, which is not many. This mech runs hot. Very hot. As every Mechwarrior fan knows, heat management or the lack thereof can get you killed.

The way Lobo mech pilots have gotten around this serious handicap is to come in fast, do as much damage as possible before shutdown occurs, then run away to cool off. Repeat as necessary. This is an aggressive way to manage heat buildup, but it works for the Lobo mech because it has a top speed of 97 k.p.h., making it one of the faster medium mechs around. This slashing tactic is in keeping with Clan Wolf’s fast and hard hitting style of fighting. It takes serious skill and patience to use this tactic well (most people prefer a simple slugging match), but as always, a pilot who maximizes all his advantages and minimizes his weaknesses will more often than not come out of the fight victorious, regardless of the size of his opponent.

The Lobo Mech Lego Model

Primus designed the Lobo model featured here. I built the model because I thought the missile launchers were cool looking. I have to admit that in certain bad angles, the Lobo mech looks like a mouse with giant ears. This is not Primus’ doing because the model looks a lot like its “official” pictures and drawings. The model was easy and came together fast, with no hard to find pieces to deal with. The torso design was creative with its inverted building technique. I learned that you can join bricks together using Technic pins instead of studs. The finished model wasn’t super stable, but didn’t feel tipsy either. I recommended this build.

To download building plans for the Lobo medium mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of medium mechs similar to the Lobo mech here.

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