Fire-Ant-Mech Lego mode 6

Fire Ant Mech

Fire Ant Mech Background

The flamethrower is one of the most feared and reviled infantry weapons ever devised. It basically consists of a jellified flammable liquid (usually gasoline) that is propelled over long distances (sometimes over 100 meters) by compressed gas. The flammable liquid is then ignited. The victim is often coated with the burning liquid, which guarantees that he will die an excruciating and horrible death from immolation. Or, if he were caught in a bunker, suffocation, because the flames would consume all the available oxygen. During WWII, the flamethrower was the weapon of choice for clearing out bunkers, pillboxes, or fortified positions. It was such a despised weapon that its operators were rarely given the opportunity to surrender. They were often summarily executed.

Flash forward 1500 years into the future and we have the Fire Ant, an anti-personnel mech equipped with a flamethrower. It is a vicious weapon indeed, and aptly named. It is often characterized as a variant of the Flea. Unlike its cousin, whose primary duties relate to scouting missions, the Fire Ant mech is often assigned to sentry duty. This makes absolutely no sense, because flamethrowers are indiscriminate weapons, and if you were a sentry, presumably you’re guarding something of importance. If you were to use your flamer, even carefully, you’re liable to burn down what you were supposed to be guarding, which would defeat the purpose of your mission. The idea of toasting a trespasser may seem cool in theory, but in practice, it would be a questionable use of a weapon system.

Smart commanders also assign the Fire Ant mech to attack fortified infantry positions, which is a more rational mission for this mech. It can be produced cheaply, so it often operates in groups consisting of other Fire Ants. I can imagine the terror that an enemy would feel at the sight of a group of Fire Ant mechs moving in formation, each spewing out a wall of fire. Many Clan picnics have been ruined by these buggers. They are able to fight for long periods of time without the need for support. This is a huge advantage for a light mech.

The Fire Ant Mech Lego Model

The Primus designed Lego model of the Fire Ant mech below was a quick and simple build. The pieces were easily available. There were no stability issues whatsoever. I wouldn’t expect it to have any, being so tiny. I spent less than an hour putting it together, so it’s a good way to kill some time without having to pull out all your Lego pieces at one time. Despite is simple design, it still looked very good. If you want to build a mech without scouring the web for pieces, the Fire Ant is a good start.

To download building plans for the Fire Ant light mech Lego model, follow this link. Check out other Lego models of light mechs similar to the Fire Ant mech here.

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