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Devastator Mech

Devastator Mech Background

With its tiny cone shaped head on top of massive shoulders, the Devastator looks less than menacing–ridiculous even. Looks can be deceiving, however, because the Devastator lives up to its name. This assault mech packs a mean wallop. Get behind the wrong end of its pairs of Gauss rifles and particle projector cannons, and you’d better have one hand on the eject switch. This mech will ruin your day.

The Devastator is an assault mech of the classic mold, weighing about 100 tons (of which 18 are armor plating). It is so classic, in fact, that it was originally designed during the Star League era. Its schematics were lost until rediscovered around 3020 by Davion troops in the memory core of an old Star League planet. Even after being rediscovered, the Devastator would have to wait another ten years to become reality. Despite having its schematics, Inner Sphere scientists could not figure out how to manufacture its specialized Gauss Rifles, light engines, and double heat sinks. When they finally acquired the necessary technology, they built a mech that is truly something to inspire awe. It has incredible long range firepower, but can also deal serious damage up close with four medium lasers mounted on its torso. It can fire its weapons with little concern for overheating because its advance heat sink technology keeps it cool. This is a good thing, because it carries over four tons of ammo for its guns.

Although not built in great numbers, Devastators can be found protecting the frontiers facing the Clans. Only a handful of mechs are powerful enough to take them on. Their presence helps to preserve a fragile balance of power.

The Devastator Mech Lego Model

This Lego model is another Primus design. I really like building the big mechs, so the Devastator was another fun project. Unlike other big mechs which tend to collapse from their own weight (a common problem), it was very stable. I think because its feet were humongous.  They were  at least 8×12 studs. They help keep the model well planted. This mech can probably swim if it had to by using its feet as flippers.

My favorite parts were the vents on the torso and the way the Gauss Rifles were attached to the shoulders. The feet looked cool too. The only part I didn’t like that much was the tiny windscreen. I suppose a Mechwarrior is better protected with less glass to shoot through, but I still like to see who’s at the controls (I thought of incorporating a light-up brick to better see the pilot, but it was too much trouble and didn’t work that well either). Recommended built because it’s a nice and easy project with no rare pieces to search for.

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